Thursday, February 06, 2014

First Throw Back Thursday in February

 Albert Harris Wilson born 2-4-1892 was the youngest son Thomas B Wilson Sr and Lucy Craigwall Wilson. Thus he is Prince's Great Uncle. He died September 22, 1958 in Nashville, Tn. From everything, I have read about him he was very humble, giving and intelligent man. He and his wife Zue Ward Wilson did not have any children. When he passed away lots of his books, papers etc were boxed up and label Uncle Albert. The house we live in  was built in 1964 so until this January those boxes had not been undisturbed .The reason I was in the basement is because I was holding the light while Prince cleaned out a drain pipe. Those boxes keep calling my name and asking me to open me, open me, open me.  I brought up lots of photos and letters and Mimi spent one afternoon reading them. I thought she would enjoy reminiscences but I found her crying at the kitchen table with all the things I had unearthed. Not what I had planned or expected. Back in that time 1958, people who knew someone would write condolence letters when the person died .( Another part of culture that has died.) So I can only assume that is the reason for the tears as she was reading how he had touched others lives and what he meant to them. Our Older cousin who was in the same generation as Prince but was closer to Mimi's age, had known him well and he said" He was the closest to being a Saint of any people he had known. " 
I found these 3 little one by two inch photos below and I was surprised by the date and what was  writing on the back by Uncle Albert.  
On the back of the first photo was written "The flag is over Hitler's headquarters in Munich 1936.
On the back of the second photo was written "Hitler's headquarters Munich 1936--we did not take him Seriously then".
On the back of the third photo was written "Hitlers headquarters Munich
-The Brown House 1936" (I wonder if it was owned by a family named Brown or if it was the color of the house and since these were tiny B&W photos I am assuming it was a name)
The Kitty Justice is who would have thought 1936 photos would be of Hitler's Headquarters which was several years before WWII.
Also the second Kitty Justice is the best intended plans to entertain can go awry.


DUTA said...

Very handsome man, judging by the picture.
Perhaps the name "Brown" has something to do with Eva Braun,the mistress and later the wife of Hitler. Anyway, it's interesting stuff.

Lee said...

Oh....don't beat yourself up, Lady Di. I'm sure Mimi was/is very appreciative of being able to go through the letters and photos. That she showed such emotion proves that. We humans are strange cattle...sometimes, even though some things cause us to be sad; cause us to cry, we still appreciate them. I'm sure you understand what I'm trying to say. :)

I'm sure Mimi is grateful to you.

Lady Di Tn said...

He was the best looking of the 3 sons. I had not thought of that, thanks. Peace

I do think she enjoyed it as she was telling her other 2 children about what I had found. I just hate making anyone sad but as you said I think she appreciated the find. Your statement "Humans are strange cattle" is appropriate with all the ones I come in contact with. LOL Peace

Small City Scenes said...

That is so interesting. My question is--why have those boxes been undisturbed since 1965???
Good looking man. truly liked by others. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

Every one was just going about their every day life and not one of them seem that interested in history. Thus the history buff (me) came along and I was a older Mother with a new born so even I did not dig around in the history filled basement. As Puppy got older, well my historical gene kicked in. I have rescued lots of documents, furniture etc. I made each niece and nephew along with my son a book with lots of information. I try to add to their books ever other Christmas. They just needed Kitty Justice to ferret out all that info. I also have put copies on and found lots of interesting folks who like history such as yours truly. Peace