Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Power line and sunrise

This weekend Prince and I tackled power line clean up. Our local Nashville Electric Service comes YEARS apart to clean the ride away of the power line leading to our home. The reason IT IS HARD TO CLIMB THE HILL AND IT IS HARD WORK. To hasten their clean up, they just cut it down and let it lay. Thus, preventing an easy cutting process. These horrible trees (Sumac) take over in droves. Some were in danger of hitting the power line. I had loppers in hand and Prince had a old weed eater with a regular saw blade which made it one more brier cutting tool. It would take about 3 passes to cut the small trees. We worked Saturday afternoon and most of the day Sunday. When the sun would go down the wind would pick up and I was ready to head to the house but Prince wanted to do a few more sections. I cut vines up and around the small trees that were gonna stay standing and I did very little of that because when I felt the back getting weak I stopped. I do like being upright and a woman has to know her limitations. Therefore, I became the cheering section and would fetch water and sit on the four wheeler watching our neighbors go in and out of their drive and the other neighbors riding their horses. It was a pretty sight to see those pretty horses and then the turkeys came over to peek at us to see what these 2 legged animals were  doing. Prince likes about a 12 foot section on the very bottom and then we want to get all the debris up so it can be easily mowed. NES has crews they pay to clear out the lines but again they just cut and leave: plus, since the CEO has had a 51 percent raise increase the last 5 years (Yes I typed that correctly) I guess clearing the lines was not affordable. 
We had beautiful weather here this weekend so here is a look at the sun rise the last Sunday in February. It looks like a giant hand fan. You think the Angels may have been hot?
The Kitty Justice is I would like to be a CEO of NES for a day as that would be more than I and probably others make in a year. Didn't get that wrong either. 
The Nashville people are being ripped off. Our local Channel Four News presented the facts on the evening news yesterday. 


Lee said...

I hope you didn't do any damage to your back, Lady Di...don't overdo things.

Hopefully, spring will bring you wonderful sunny, warm days and nights.

Small City Scenes said...

Well you all worked pretty hard. Too bad the power line people don't lend a hand. Oh I guess sitting behind a desk wearing a suit is more important. draws the big bucks I guess. You take care of your back Missy.
Beautiful sky. MB

Changes in the wind said...

It is sad how people so easily take advantage of others but one will all be made right:)

Lady Di Tn said...

I think all of us southern are hoping spring comes soon as possible, we are really not use to such cold weather.
Back was a little tender but I have gotten pretty good with my Clint Eastwood imitation. Peace

Thanks and I will do my best to remember Clint's words. Yes I would like to do a work study and sit beside those guys with suits and put down how long it takes for each of their task and find out what they really do. I bet a LOT of Work time is wasted. Peace

With the weather being so very cold this winter there are so many who are struggling to pay the big increases to their power bill which makes the guys with the big salary increases seem so much worse. Last night one was interviewed and he stated that a study was done by an outside source which indicated that the big guys were not being paid as much as their counter parts in other cities our size. Like that is justification. Yes you are correct they will get theirs in the end. Peace