Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sky and Highs

The wind this morning is moving the clouds at a rapid clip. We are suppose to get in the 70's today. The record of this day was 78 degrees forgot when. When the cold front arrives this evening around six pm, well that warm air can only cause bad things to happen. No tornado has been predicted but straight line winds of 60 or more miles an hour have been put in the forecast.
The Kitty Justice is that the bad weather flies by as quick as these clouds.


Jackie said...

Stay safe during this time, my friend.
Even though these are angry clouds, they are stunningly beautiful!

Lee said...

It's annoyingly hot and sticky here at present...the humidity is high so I'm hoping some rain comes soon to cool things down.

Small City Scenes said...

Looks like storm clouds a-brewing. Hope no big storms. Lovely pictures though. MB

Changes in the wind said...

We too had high winds but no clouds like!

Lady Di Tn said...

It makes me think of Ruth Graham Bell poem and the line (might be phrased) Clouds are the dust from God's feet. I figure he must have been stomping yesterday. So far we have sun shine this morning and no damage on the hill. Other parts of TN did not fare so well. Peace

Sounds like you have AIR YOU CAN WEAR. Hope yawl got that rain. Peace

I love clouds photos even dark clouds. The hill was lucky and we did not get any damage that I know of however, some other parts of TN were not so lucky. Peace

Every time I looked out the windows yesterday, well the clouds were whipping by all day. That is what I call an ever changing Peace

Small City Scenes said...

We did get some snow overnight but just a tiny trace not even good enough to take a picture. Calling for another flurry for tonight. We'll see. MB