Saturday, March 29, 2014

Yesterday's Selfie

Yesterday was Art Ventures luncheon and we met in Green Hills at The Cheesecake Factory. They have 42 different Cheese cakes. Yep, I went on a sugar high and order a piece of  Kahlua Coffee cheese cake  with a brownie crust. Yummy. I refused to check my BS as I knew it was probably off the CHARTS. When I do things like this, I call it "falling off the diabetic wagon". 
I usually wear a hat but I wore a headband with a flower this time. As you can see I was dressed in support of the Tennessee Volunteers. Last night in the sweet sixteen they lost by 2 points to Big Blue(Michigan). Even though they lost they made Vol fans proud of their accomplishments. Coach Martin you did a good job and this fan thanks you. 
The Kitty Justice is I always pull for SEC teams when they play even if it is Alabama. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014


For "throwback Thursday", here we are at Christmas in the seventies. From left to right are, Kitty, Little Brother, Mom, Dad and Big Sis. Little Brother has Santa on top of his head. LOL
I was wearing my fearless fly glasses as I did not wear contact lenses then and Mother had bought me the blouse at the factory shirt sell. The shirts and blouses made at the factory she worked made items for big named companies. Most of the shirts and blouses sold were irregular but you could not tell what was wrong unless you had a trained eye. 
Ah, the seventies when there was not Political Correctness. You could say or do WHATEVER and no one blew it out of proportion. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sunshine fooling us

 Maggie was enjoy watching Prince work in the yard on Saturday the 22nd. It was a nice shirt sleeve day until the afternoon then a light jacket came in handy. 
 The buttercups are really beginning to show their yellow tops along the rake, both in front and behind it. 

The Kitty Justice is a shame that I did not pick any of these before old man winter kicked mother nature off the hill. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March Lamb NOT

Grandma C had a saying for everything. In March we could count on her saying at least once and often more times than we cared to listen "March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb". I can agree with the Lion part of the saying because we had the ice storm which we are still cleaning up from at the first of the month. Today we are having constant snow flurries and just a few moments ago, we had a little sleet storm. 
 It was bouncing so hard off the top of the house, I thought some Angel had dropped a box of air soft pellets. 
I did not venture outside but Maggie had to go outside but did not stay long. She did her business and returned with little white balls all over her black back. 
 I went to the kitchen to see what birds were about and found a female Cardinal having a snack with a Tufted Titmouse. 
All at once the sun poked it's head out and I got a Female Cardinal on the drift wood plus yawl can see one of the two new flower pots that Prince got me. The other ones I had had for years and the bottoms were falling out. These pots are larger but I can put more flowers in them. 
 A male Cardinal sitting in the Holly Tree awaiting his turn at the feeder. I love when the sun shines on these little fellows as the red becomes a brilliant shade. 
As I was writing this post. we are having a heavy snow shower and you cannot see the hills as in this photo. Old Man Winter needs to listen to Mother Nature and go away and let it be Spring today. I guess the ole fool cannot tell time.  
The Kitty Justice is that March's Lamb has a bad " A-- " attitude here in Tennessee. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014


In case yawl did not know these facts, I will enlighten you. As you age, your ear lobes and feet get larger. Yep, check out your ears and feet guys and dolls. 
Back in the seventies, I invested some hard earned cash in some really, really , really nice pair of work boots and another pair of hunting boots. I have stuffed these dogs of mine into them for years and each time, I take them off, I think "I need new boots." My toes were beginning to curl under like a giant bird. LOL
Prince and I went to our neighborhood Sears and I found the perfect pair of work boots and yesterday I initiated them in the yard. They are great but heavier than my previous pair or maybe me legs are not as strong as they were in my youth. Because by the end of the day I felt as if I had a dead wolverine on each foot or maybe a dinosaur. LOL 
The Kitty Justice is to have the correct boots for the job. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Horses and Spring

 My oldest nephew from CA came to town for a few days with his 5 and 3 year old girls. His Mom in the black outfit is Prince's sister. Puppy is in plaid and shorts. This is the big springs on our old property. As of yet, Mr. Johnson has not changed anything about it but I figure that is on a to do list somewhere. Prince, Puppy and I have spent many a wonderful time going up to the spring , it had a quite sense about it and you felt one with nature when you visited. 
 When we drove up to where the horses were the girls were excited and the two year old dubbed this horse the Daddy horse. but when she got near the horse, well her Daddy had to take her back down on the road bed that goes through the farm . Nephew wanted to know why the horse had on a blindfold and I thought it was to keep the flies away but Mary Beth might need to correct me on this. 
 I have no idea how many horses are on Mr. Johnson farm but these are only a few of them. I came down to where Nephew and baby girl were standing and took the following photos. The first one I am looking right and the second one I am looking left. Where the barns are in the photo is a Arena area. 

The name of Mr. Johnson's farm is Walnut Trace Farms and they  have a web page for show and riding events. 
The Kitty Justice is to know that the family sold the farm to someone who is a good shepherd of the land. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Blessed by the Sun

On March 10th we took the California Nephew and his darling daughters on a ride over to see what Mr. Johnson has done with the farm since he now owns most of our old farm. Anyway, I got Puppy to stop on the road so I could take a photo of the HILL. The white barn is above those 3 Cedar Trees and the dark spot to the left on top of the hill is our house. 
The Kitty Justice is there was quite a difference from the previous Monday. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The four days after the first

 It rained most of Sunday the 2nd and then the temperature started to drop. As Prince and I lay in bed, we could hear limbs etc give up the ghost and hit the ground. Before one AM Monday morning, the lights went out as those 3 trees at the bottom of the hill gave up. I blame TVA for coming through and cutting all the strong outer trees along the right of way. Before if those skinny trees needed support well those outer trees, who had been subjected to the strength of the elements could help them stand up. That is Kitty's opinion anyway. 
 Out front it looked like a fairy land. The evergreen trees were folding up like umbrellas and if they did not, they lost their tops  and some lower limbs. 

Down the drive it looked rather harmless but the ice was gonna stick around for three days because we are 925 ft. above sea level. We still had ice when Puppy took Mimi to get her hair done, but in the valley it appeared like it had never happen. 
The big Cedar tree between us and the neighbors was heard moaning under the weight of the ice. We were without power for 36 hours. The tree remover had to come by first to cut up the trees  so NES could get down our neighbors drive to put our line back up. 
Monday morning, I had gotten up when the power had first gone off and called in our outage to our local power company. Prince got up early and got the generator going for the kitchen. This was great because my SIL and I have this "I gotta have a cup of coffee first thing." in the mornings. 
My MIL kept saying to my SIL "I bet you wish you had stayed in MS. because she had just arrived late Sunday evening. 
Puppy vacated the log cabin and came and spent the night on the couch by the fire. I spent my days down there and read as long as I had daylight. 
The first day was not so bad, as Prince had resurrected our bunny ears for the kitchen TV with the generator that area was pretty normal except you could not cook unless you used the microwave oven. Prince and Puppy would go forage for food for our meals at local restaurants. Tuesday night we feasted on homemade soup provided by our dear neighbors. By that time the house of glass was VERY VERY COLD. Wednesday the ice dropped from its lofty perch in round little pieces . By the end of the day, Puppy said our yard look liked someone had dumped a large cooler on it. 
The Kitty Justice if the power had not come back on, I would have slept by the fire Tuesday night. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hello March

 On March 1, we began the second weekend clearing the power line. I tried to show with this photo just how steep the hill happens to be.
 We had not been started long, when I had a handful of small trees and I was taking them to the right side of the clearing and I tripped over one of the many tree stumps.  I managed to stay upright while falling down the hill but the further I stumbled the closer to the ground I went.  As I stumbled by the light pole I grabbed on for dear life because at that point I was almost on my knees. My back gave me a twinge and I quit for the day and only cheered the guys onward with the project. 
 Before I sat on the four wheeler to rest and cheer the guys on, I turned and took a photo of the house. Puppy's cabin is on the left side. I later proceeded to walk as cows would do and zigged  zagged up the hill.
 The weed eater with the blade had fallen apart so the guys had to  called it quits. Prince rode up the hill while Puppy being the young fellow walked. 
Prince put the weed eater back together and  went back down after dark and finished  cutting those trees you see near the second power pole. However,  I put this photo in so you could see our neighbors driveway going out onto the road. Just right of the driveway not one but three trees fell taking out our power line during the ice storm. 
The Kitty Justice is that Mother Nature has her own idea about clearing trees.