Saturday, March 22, 2014


In case yawl did not know these facts, I will enlighten you. As you age, your ear lobes and feet get larger. Yep, check out your ears and feet guys and dolls. 
Back in the seventies, I invested some hard earned cash in some really, really , really nice pair of work boots and another pair of hunting boots. I have stuffed these dogs of mine into them for years and each time, I take them off, I think "I need new boots." My toes were beginning to curl under like a giant bird. LOL
Prince and I went to our neighborhood Sears and I found the perfect pair of work boots and yesterday I initiated them in the yard. They are great but heavier than my previous pair or maybe me legs are not as strong as they were in my youth. Because by the end of the day I felt as if I had a dead wolverine on each foot or maybe a dinosaur. LOL 
The Kitty Justice is to have the correct boots for the job. 


Patty said...

Do you wear support hose, sometimes that helps with the legs, so they don't feel so tired out. Have a great week-end and don't over due it.

Changes in the wind said...

Such great news...big ears and big feet to come:) Is true, I have had to pass off some of my shoes from the past.

Small City Scenes said...

Good Post, Lady . I got new hiking boots 2 yrs ago. I hated giving up my old one. These boots seem heavier too. Maybe I'm not as strong as I used to be---banish the thought. haha!!
Your back must be a way lot better if you are out working in the garden. More power to you. MB

Lee said...

'Tis feet are larger now I'm older. They were never dainty feet, but even less so now! What a shame! ;)

Lady Di Tn said...

When I worked in an Account Dept and wore 3 inch heels, I wore support hose but do not own a pair now. I might have to buy some. Peace

I do not know about you but it was kind of hard giving up some of my favorite pairs of shoes. But my toes forced me into it. Peace

Maybe they are just making boots heavier now. I am doing my best Clint Eastwood routines and know my limitations. Peace

I keep my imagination going with scenes of us with Elephant ears and steam boat feet. LOL Peace