Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hello March

 On March 1, we began the second weekend clearing the power line. I tried to show with this photo just how steep the hill happens to be.
 We had not been started long, when I had a handful of small trees and I was taking them to the right side of the clearing and I tripped over one of the many tree stumps.  I managed to stay upright while falling down the hill but the further I stumbled the closer to the ground I went.  As I stumbled by the light pole I grabbed on for dear life because at that point I was almost on my knees. My back gave me a twinge and I quit for the day and only cheered the guys onward with the project. 
 Before I sat on the four wheeler to rest and cheer the guys on, I turned and took a photo of the house. Puppy's cabin is on the left side. I later proceeded to walk as cows would do and zigged  zagged up the hill.
 The weed eater with the blade had fallen apart so the guys had to  called it quits. Prince rode up the hill while Puppy being the young fellow walked. 
Prince put the weed eater back together and  went back down after dark and finished  cutting those trees you see near the second power pole. However,  I put this photo in so you could see our neighbors driveway going out onto the road. Just right of the driveway not one but three trees fell taking out our power line during the ice storm. 
The Kitty Justice is that Mother Nature has her own idea about clearing trees. 


Lee said...

Welcome back, Lady Di. I'd started to get worried about you. I feared you had stirred up problems with your back again.

A big job..,leave it to the boys! :)

Lady Di Tn said...

My MIL said the same thing. I believe I will heed yawls advise. Peace

Patty said...

Good morning, cold here today, 13, Tuesday it was so nice and warm. I'll be glad when it stays warm, I like temps about 75.

Hope you've been well. Thanks for your visit.

Changes in the wind said...

It is hard to sit still when spring is right around the corner but think you best stay away from hills:)

Lady Di Tn said...

I am still coughing from the flu going on my sixth week. The doctor prescribed some medicine and he gave me strict orders that if I still had the cough after the meds, to be sure to come see him. Otherwise I feel great. No harm from the stumble. I think we all are wishing for an EARLY SPRING. Peace

Lady Di Tn said...

Since I survived the stumble, well I agree with Mimi, let the guys handle the tree cutting and etc. OH WHERE OH WHERE ART THERE SPRING. Peace