Thursday, March 20, 2014

Horses and Spring

 My oldest nephew from CA came to town for a few days with his 5 and 3 year old girls. His Mom in the black outfit is Prince's sister. Puppy is in plaid and shorts. This is the big springs on our old property. As of yet, Mr. Johnson has not changed anything about it but I figure that is on a to do list somewhere. Prince, Puppy and I have spent many a wonderful time going up to the spring , it had a quite sense about it and you felt one with nature when you visited. 
 When we drove up to where the horses were the girls were excited and the two year old dubbed this horse the Daddy horse. but when she got near the horse, well her Daddy had to take her back down on the road bed that goes through the farm . Nephew wanted to know why the horse had on a blindfold and I thought it was to keep the flies away but Mary Beth might need to correct me on this. 
 I have no idea how many horses are on Mr. Johnson farm but these are only a few of them. I came down to where Nephew and baby girl were standing and took the following photos. The first one I am looking right and the second one I am looking left. Where the barns are in the photo is a Arena area. 

The name of Mr. Johnson's farm is Walnut Trace Farms and they  have a web page for show and riding events. 
The Kitty Justice is to know that the family sold the farm to someone who is a good shepherd of the land. 


Jackie said...

Gorgeous farm photos!
I hope you will get back to us on why the horse had the blindfold on.
I'm curious, too!

Lee said...

What a magnificent horse that is! Stunning!

Great photos, Lady Di. Thanks for sharing. :)

Small City Scenes said...

Yes Lady Di the horse has on a 'Fly Mask'. Flies are attracted to the moisture in and around the horses eyes and the mask is to keep flies away and to protect the eye.

I would love to take your picture among the Daffodils. Come on!!

A spring on the property would be a wondrous thing.

I am glad Spring is coming your way too.

Fun to have company and little ones too.


Lady Di Tn said...

MB has the answer, Fly Mask. Thanks and Peace

The Johnson have some gorgeous horse on the property. Peace and Thanks.

I knew my horse friend would know the answer. Some day I am gonna surprise yawl and end up on your doorstep. I cannot wait for full spring as we are to have another cold snap this coming week. Burr and Humbug. Peace