Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sunshine fooling us

 Maggie was enjoy watching Prince work in the yard on Saturday the 22nd. It was a nice shirt sleeve day until the afternoon then a light jacket came in handy. 
 The buttercups are really beginning to show their yellow tops along the rake, both in front and behind it. 

The Kitty Justice is a shame that I did not pick any of these before old man winter kicked mother nature off the hill. 


Patty said...

Flowers are so nice to have in the yard and the house. BUT, with the daughter's cat, cut flowers are a real pain, he tries to eat them and usually ends up tipping them over.

My chest scan, shows the sarcoidosis IS NOT coming back, thank goodness.

I am now on a pill for my sugar, but haven't been bale to take it the past several days, they said because of the injection I had for the scan, they find the two don't mix too well together. I will start it again tomorrow.

Abe's appt. with his heart doctor for his 6 month check up went fine.

Granddaughter is enjoying her trip to DC. This morning before lunch her class was going to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier, and she was picked to do so. Hope it all went well for her. She text's her Mother every so often, but her Mom doesn't get to read them until later, her Mom's been in orientation all this week and several days next for her new job. She's now an RN. Thank goodness next week is Spring break, so perhaps Granddaughter will be able to catch up on her rest and sleep. They bring the bus back to Ohio on Thursday night,m arriving back at school around 6am.

They never did any of these trips when our kids were in school.

By the way, I'm not gun ho about tattoos, the one I posted was one a women that had a double mastectomy had done to hide her scars and the fact she no longer had breast. I thought it was done in good taste, but it had to be painful, I've heard tattoos are. Have a good rest of the week.

Small City Scenes said...

We had a day like that on Monday and it has been raining ever since.
Lovely pictures. Leave it to an old dog to know the best place to be is in the sun.

Lady Di Tn said...

That is wonderful news and made my day start off very Happy. Funny in 68 when I graduated from high school our senior trip was down to a park in Ga. It would have been fantastic to have gone to DC but as you said those kind of trips were not happen. As for tattos, I will never be a fan. I feel a wrong message is being sent to young kids by the use of those stick on tattoos. I saw a couple at the grocery store and the young man had them all over him. He was a nice looking man but that ink took away from his good looks. Peace

Lady Di Tn said...

It is dark and dreary here on the hill today with rain coming in and some wind gust. We have not gotten up all the debris from the ice storm. Might have more to add to those still on the ground. Peace