Saturday, April 05, 2014

First Thursday of April

While it has been quite warm of late but we have not broken a record even when we reached 82 the other day as the record was 86. I have used those warm days to stay outdoors, moving ground cover, planting seeds, pulling weeds and cleaning out flower beds. Yes, I did my best Clint Eastwood routine but I did over do it a little one day. Nothing to fret about but then I had to just walk around the yard looking at all my to do things. I wish to stay upright so even though it can be frustrating to see all that needs to be done, it is best to respect my limitations. 
Friday morning at five a hard rain storm came through. It was a weather alert for some folks and I was thankful to hear the news person say no one had been hurt. Anyway, I wanted to take a few photos of the yard. The buttercups by the rake are no longer standing at attention as the heavy rain was unkind to their spines. The second photo is of the old seeder and you can see my little pine. Beside the pine are buttercups and garlic close to the little sun dial. On the far right edge you can see my snow ball bush has a little green on its branches. A big oak with a three foot diameter use to stand in the spot where the seeder is located. The huge shell use to line the driveway of Waveland ( see 8-22-07 and 8-24-07 post). Cuden Mary Lu ( see post 8-23-07)  would go to Florida and return with shells. This is the only shell  I know that has survived time. The creeping Jenny has really crept. I took about 3 or 4 sprigs a few years back from my neighbors yard and look how
much it has spread. You can tell in the second photo that there are a few bags (41) of mulch to  put out on my flower beds. Prince on his way home from work Wednesday and Thursday brought a load home each day. The Pin Oak tree has not shed all its leaves and I will just have to wait to have a leaf free bed. 
We may have a few of those pesky winters, dogwood winter, blackberry winter, etc etc. but they do not last long so I do believe Mother Nature has kick Old Man Winter back to where he came from. The Kitty Justice is you do not mess with Mother Nature.  


Lee said...

And while creeping Jenny crept silently!

Lady Di Tn said...

I see the writer in you came out. Pretty good from 3-4 little pieces. Peace

Small City Scenes said...

Excellent shots. Sring is here. Did you plant the blue morning glory seeds. Did I send them to you? My remembry is gone. MB

Lady Di Tn said...

You did send me the seeds and I have them out but looking for the perfect spot for them. Thanks and Peace