Wednesday, April 09, 2014


Vinia was sixteen when this photo was taken. When I was looking up our family history, I located a Great Aunt with the name Vinia.  Mother and my big Sis are the only ones I had ever known to have this name until I went on a history search and that Great Aunt was the only other I found with the name. To correctly pronoun you let the second i be silent. It is Vi (long i) Na. 
She was absolutely THE BEST WOMAN I HAVE EVER KNOWN. She taught me quite a lot and I am thankful of the wisdom she imparted.  When folks say I remind them of my Mother, well I puff up like a true bandy hen. No better compliment can be given to me. 
The Kitty Justice is today is her birthday and I wish I could say to her "Happy Birthday."


Changes in the wind said...

Sweet memories

Small City Scenes said...

A wonderful tribute to your Mother.
Sweet picture. I have a picture of my Mother when she was 16 also. They taught us manners that don't get taught today. Right? MB

Lady Di Tn said...

You are correct.Peace

How true. I always told Puppy to take his manners with him when he would go somewhere. Manners will get you remember and farther than being smart, rich or handsome. But I had a good teacher and sounds as if your Mom was cut from the same cloth. Peace