Friday, April 04, 2014

Surprises from Prince

As I was busy preparing the Reuben Casserole, Prince came in from work with these bunnies. 
When he comes in the door he will anounce he has me a surprise. I know he has either been to the Gift Shop at St. Thomas West , Hallmark or sometimes a big box store or nursery or even a road side fruit stand. Whatever, he brings me either big or small makes me feel so very special because I know I was in his thoughts when he made the purchase.  
He meant to get only two but the one in the red dress reminded him of my mother, Vinia therefore, she got to come home with him too. 
The Kitty Justice is I treasure my Surprises but most of all  My Prince. 


Lee said...

They are so lovely. What a wonderfully thoughtful gesture. :)

Jackie said...

How absolutely wonderful....and love-filled this is!

Small City Scenes said...

And what a wonderful Prince he is. Love the bunnies. What a special thing to remember your Mother for you. MB