Thursday, April 10, 2014


 The Big Guy.
 Let's stroll up the Hill. 
 Hey, this how you do it. See my wings touch the ground. 
Bye, Bye Baby Good Bye. 

The first Friday morning in April outside my bedroom window, I heard "Gobble, gobble, gobble."
From the morning rain there were rain drops all over my window BUT then it dawned on me the adjoining bedroom would be further under the eves. Quickly, I retrieved my camera from the library and got a step stool(this is a natural thing to do if you are one of the short people) to stand on so I could capture the above photos. 
A little fact from our TWRA calendar, turkeys have 5,500 feathers of which 18 are long tail feathers.
The Kitty Justice is I wonder who counted those feathers to provide us with the fact. 


Lee said...

They can afford to be cocky...Thanksgiving has been and gone; and the next one is still a long way away in the future! ;)

Small City Scenes said...

Oh I love to see the wild Turkeys. So neat.
Yeah, who would count all the feathers---some biologist I suppose. MB

Patty said...

When we sold supplies to calligraphers, we use to sell feathers, which some cut into quills. We went to a turkey farm north of us, and this one man said, he didn't know how painful it might be to pull their feathers out. We were just looking for loose feathers laying around, we didn't want them to capture a live one and try removing the feather from him/her.
We finally found a supplier, because most would buy a dozen at a time. We sold papers, inks, pen nibs and so forth all over to customer. We had one gentleman in Russia, they had beautiful stamps, when he would write to us. My job was ordering supplies and filling the orders to be shipped out. UPS stopped everyday to pick up items here in US, other had to be mailed, with custom labels and etc. But it was different. Made good money at it, while calligraphy was popular.

Hope you have a great week-end, it's just around the corner.

DUTA said...

Excellent photos!

We usually think of their meat, but the best part seems to be their beautifully colored feathers.

Lady Di Tn said...

So true. Peace

Clearly not a job I would want. Can you imagine if asked what you do. "I count turkey feathers." lol Peace

Sounds really interesting. Surely the man was jesting when he made the statement. Prince finds lots of feathers that the turkeys donate and I have several feather arrangements through out the house. I have to be careful where I put them, as that ole cat of Mimi's will steal them. Peace

They are so fun to watch. The other day I took Maggie out and a big male was playing peep eye with me around a oak tree. Also, when the males dance around each other is a show in itself. Peace