Thursday, May 15, 2014

Do not shoot

Photo of Puppy enjoying shooting clay pigeons. I put this up today to say, I feel like ( me) the messenger has been shot at and almost hit. I have spent time trying to find a solution for a problem and after all the hours spent, the one I was trying to help said "To Hell with It." 
Now I do not know about yawl but that kind of Attitude is as we say in the south "Piss Poor," Do you know how that term came about. In the olden days people would save their urine and take it to the tannery and were paid for the urine. Thus the term "Piss Poor." 
Everyone is fighting a battle and most often you cannot see the battle they are fighting by just looking at them. But some want an EASY solution but they do not care how much leg work you do for them  because if they have to spent time and effort - well they just say "To Hell with it." 
My  battle is to keep my eggshell back from cracking so I can stay upright and do all the every day chores that others do without thought. My sisters battle is to adjust to the death of her husband which was the love of her life. I know lots of yawl on the reader side have your battle and I just hope your attitude is better than my brothers. I love him dearly but at this moment I do not like  his attitude. He has really turned my crank as he is acting like his name sake, my father. If yawl want to get my dander up just act like my high tempered selfish father. The latter years of Dad's life he was nicer person  but damage was done by the majority of his life. Unfortunately, his son suffered the most as he was the youngest of us three siblings. Some say my brother comes by his attitude and temper honestly but I do not adhere to that logic. 
The Kitty Justice is to thank folks for their efforts and think before you shoot. 


Small City Scenes said...

You said it perfectly!!! We all have choices and to lay back and say I am this way because of so n so--ain't right. And we all know that one cannot fight one others battle. MB

Patty said...

Has he ever had his blood sugar tested? Sometimes low blood sugar, makes someone act terrible. Often times, if they just eat a little something, like a piece of cheese or an apple, it helps. f he doesn't have low blood sugar, he's probably just a bully like his father was. I also had a father like that.

Lee said...

Life is a constant battle; and the battle mostly is caused by people...the ones we have to deal with; battle with.

Sometimes I feel like just walking away off towards the far horizon, like you see in some endings of movies...never to be seen again.

Yesterday I was feeling pretty fed-up with it all and just retreated into my cave with me and my two furry rascals. :)

So, I empathise, Miss Kitty. I sometimes think brothers have a totally different mindset. So often I felt similar about my own late brother. His attitude at times, too often...needed major adjustment!

Hang in there, Lady Di...don't let them get you down!

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks but to get information and him not to follow up was a very selfish move. I think he needs to visit Walmart to buy a New Attitude. Peace

He is a full blown diabetic but he was like that as a youth so the illness is not his problem. Too much like his name sake is his problem. Peace

Battles are part of life and you can either go into them with an attitude that you are welling to win or just sit on your laurel and complain. Cry Baby Cry.
He was acting to much like Dad for my taste and he is one of those that his problems are always worse than others. NOT. When my back is better, I think I will head up to his place and give him a good swift kick in the rear. I too have often fantasied about driving off in the sun set. I believe some folks are determined to always rub Kitty Justice the wrong way. Peace