Thursday, May 22, 2014


 Do you love green roses for the tummy? This is always a wonderful treat for me. 
 Ah, Mr. Sun Shine has been sitting under my brella. Don't mind if I join you.
The Tennessee Jungle under the Holly tree. 
I now know Agave is not good for diabetics especially ME. And Monk fruit is right behind agave. I hope one Spinal injection will be all I need to get through the back issue this time. So far so good. Now I need to bang my head on the wall. LOL Most of the houseplants are outside but look rather pitiful due to the fact it got so hot too soon, high eighties. Puppy and friend have planted the garden and he also put out my six tomato plants today for me. Home health came by today and removed Mimi's pick line and I gave her the last dosage of medicine last evening. Plus, I know more than I care to about a dogs back leg. Looks like surgery for Maggie with 12 weeks recovery time. 
The Kitty Justice is I may have the surgery done and then drop Maggie off at Puppy's cabin for him to deal with the rehab. Yawl think that will work?


Changes in the wind said...

I too love artichokes and I think you need to get as many people as you can involved to help you during this time as you have a lot on your plate.

DUTA said...

Sunshine under the umbrella - gorgeous picture!
Good plan. I'm sure Puppy will do wonders for Maggie.

Small City Scenes said...

We grew Artichokes last year and have an abundance of volunteers now. We will pot them up and send them away.
The best advice is to get all the help you need and want. and everything will be a breeze. YEP!! MB

Lee said...

I hope only one injection is needed by you, Lady Di; but don't go banging your head too hard against the wall...the back is enough to deal with!

Poor Maggie...I hope all goes well for her, too. Give her a pat for me; and a lecture to you about banging your head against walls! ;)

Lady Di Tn said...

You are correct and glad we both like green roses. Peace

Thanks. I think it will help Puppy in the responsibility mode. Peace

I am envious to know you grew your own green roses. Yes both guys will have to step up.

So far so good with the injection but I still need to practice my Clint Eastwood routine,"my limitations". Maggie is such a good animal that she has not complained one bark. Puppy has ordered this harness that mountain climber use on their dogs so we can give Maggie a hand without bending over. I am putting off the surgery until I have the harness in hand. Peace