Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Clean and Cleaner

 I have been thinking about getting a steam mop and one day as I had the HSN on they advertised the one above. I had seen most of them were over a hundred dollars and since this was less than and more in my price range to try, I ordered one. 
I waited for the boys to put it together but I finally had to get out the diagram and do it myself. Wasn't that hard but I did not want to try putting it together as I am sure it took me twice as long . 
After the vaccumning was finished I thought this would be a good time to try out the mop. I got so excited about the results that I had done nine rugs before I heard Clint's voice (You got to know your limitations. 
In 1973 this photos shows MY PA, Juanita and Grandma aka Bassie. The reason for this repeat photo is that Bassie was OCD. No dirt or dust had a chance if she was around. A white glove test could have been done all over her home and she would have passed with flying colors. Also, her Kitchen was her kingdom.  You had better not been in her kitchen using her pots and pans nor were you allowed to wash the dishes after the meal. The Kitchen belonged to her and you could enter but not touch. If you sat at her table she would be eyeing you vessels that had been used to eat or drink until you just handed them over to her to wash. She did not mind you sitting and visiting at the kitchen table but she always had an I out for any empty plates , cup or glasses. As I was using the mop, I thought just how much Grandma would have loved to have had one. 
The Kitty Justice was to never put your cup or glass down if you wanted something else to drink..  


Lee said...

That's a jazzy looking steam mop you've got there, Lady Di! Don't you go wearing it out now! ;)

Changes in the wind said...

Glad that new mop turned out good for you.

Small City Scenes said...

Funny funny Lady Di! It would be scary having someone eyeing you all the time waiting for you to hand over your glass.
How's the back after cleaning so many rugs? MB

Lady Di Tn said...

It will probably wear me out before I do it. LOL Peace

Thanks and the color is great too. At least I can enjoy the color if nothing else. Peace

Those OCD people are like that and nothing is safe if abandon by the user. The mop has a glider that you put it on for carpet and it was like doing mostly nothing until the ninth rug and I felt a little twinge so I stopped. It is safely in Scarlet mode now "That will be another day." Peace