Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Deal NO Dill

I have always considered this the fire works of the Herb World. The seeds burst forth on these flowerful spikes. Now there are two dates you cannot predict, when you are born and the date you die. Your name and those two dates will be chiseled in stone when you slip this earth.  These two dates are the ones dealt you but the dash in between those dates are up to you. We had a local figure who died and a full section of the paper, six pages where about his life.

 Funerals happen to be a a vision of untruths and actual facts,  because most often the words spoken are for the ones who attend. I say this as I read both of my Mother's and Father's funeral transcripts yesterday. One did not say enough and the other said thinks that stranger would recognize but not the family. Well, maybe some of the family but we children (the three of us) knew the true.

My dear sister will have to Deal not dill with my BIL birthday today. She started her year of first beginning with his death on April 16th. My Grand Pa who was the first real love of my life was also born this day and he has been gone since 1973 and I really miss him but have grand memories. I feel both of these men will not really be dead to the world until the last person who remembers them are gone. Each could have had a six page section in the newspaper and it would not have been enough to tell all the wonderful things they did. 

The Kitty Justice is the dash is a Big Deal not Dill.

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