Thursday, July 31, 2014


Aunt Byrd at age ten. The last week, I have added photos of people no longer with us to my tree in I have lots I wish to scan and documents so others can get copies for their trees. Someday, I hope that those interested in the family history will appreciate the efforts I have gone through.(HA THEY WILL NOT EVEN KNOW WHO I AM) I do not wish a star but it takes lots of time and effort to scan, edit and post. I added some on my Grandma, Grandpa, Mother, Dad, Stanley (BIL), Aunt Byrd etc etc. 
Then on top of that I started following those little green leaves" HINTS" for people in my tree. 
I have found that Mimi's Mothers line are the most interesting and also there seems to be more information and stories from that line. Most recently I got hung up on Prince's thirteenth Great Grandfather, Nicholas Atwood. The year was 1539-1586 in dear old England. Wow, I am gonna go back and read his story again. Too bad I could not find a photo of him but it would probably been a miniature or painting if there was one. He may not have had the funds to indulge in such frivolity.  
The Kitty Justice is if you wish to see me in the next 24 hours do not let me sign on to


Changes in the wind said...

I too use that program...I have been thinking of using the DNA they have available for my husband who is suppose to be related to Jessie James.

Small City Scenes said...

Love the old timey pictures. You did not explain who exactly Aunt byrd is. Sweet girl.
I do like Zinnias too. I never plant any because they seem to get rust and wild too easily. Maybe I will try again. MB

Lee said...

I'm in sole possession of my family photos as I'm the last of the Mohicans, really...on this branch of the family tree, anyway. My late brother's three children (all adults now) don't seem to be very interested in the history...which is sad, for their children, I think.

Lady Di Tn said...

Do you loose a day if you get on it or is it just me. Wow, JJ lived around here for awhile. I hope he is kin. Peace

Aunt Byrd is Prince's Great Aunt. Mimi"s mother died when she was 5 so Aunt Byrd took a great part in Mimi's life. She lived with them when she went to Vanderbilt and the one thing I recall Mimi saying is that Aunt Byrd did not allow PJ's at the breakfast table. You had to be dressed to come down to eat. I plant the zinnias for the memories and they make great cut flowers for vases. Peace

A speaker at our Garden Club once made a very interesting statement which I think is very true. She said "People are too busy living their lives to want to know about history but when they turn 40 it all changes" Unfortunately for them they most often do not have those left to get stories and photos. The kindest thing you can do is to put names, dates and places to identify each photo. I have run across too many old ones that no one can tell who they are. I even went to the Nashville Archives and identified some in one of those boxes but others were a mystery just like the ones I have ran across around here and from Mother's stack. Peace