Monday, July 28, 2014

Tour De France

This group of young men truly amaze me. First of all, they are all clean cut and everyone the media has interviewed seem to be fine men of character. 
My favorites Chris Froome and Mark Cavendish had crashes and could not finish the race. So I did not pick any other favorite because of superstition. 
I love seeing the country side and wish the commentators would tell us the names etc of the Churches and castles. Also it would be fun to have injected little bits of information about the country side that the rider pedal through. My battery put its little feet in the air before I could finish all the photos I wanted of the riders. 
Some of the conditions that they rode through well I would be hard pressed to walk through. 
Wham, wham it is over until next year. Maybe I should send in my suggestions to the commentators. 
Congratulations to Vincenzo Nibali from Italy for his 2014 win of the tour. 
I found it enjoyable to see the big Germany with the most talked about hair to be the winner of stage one and twenty-one. You go Marcel Kittel
Hats off to a consistent Peter Sagan as he won the Green Jersey. He was there in second place a few times but always in the leaders group. I guess he could be called a Lean Green running machine. 
The King of the Mountain- Poka Dotted Jersey went to Poland's Rafal Maika. The mountains they climbed were not for sissy to try and ride up. Congrats to you. 
The Best Young Rider the white jersey went to France's Thibaut Pinot. I think we will see more of him in the future as he will only get better. 
The overall best time for a team was also France's Team. Forgive me but I do believe it was team Mondiale or NOT. 
Our own American Tejay Van Gardener took fifth in overall. Way to go Tejay.
If I misspelled or got my facts wrong remember I have only recently gotten to be a Fan. 
The Kitty Justice is to learn more each year. Now hop on your bike and get going. 


Betsy Adams said...

Glad you enjoyed the Tour De France... I didn't watch it this year. Just too busy with too many other things--but I've enjoyed it in year's past...

I have a blog friend in England --who got to see one of the 'stages' of the race --right there in her area in England. She too her lawn chair and watched it all. Bet that was exciting.


Lee said...

Lance Armstrong, unfortunately wasn't clean-cut. What a shame he disappointed so many of his fans, me, included.

I didn't watch any of this year's race. Usually I do watch some of it...mainly because of the you described.

Lady Di Tn said...

Prince and I would watch the re runs at night as it was the best thing on TV. It is sad what TV programs have become. Too much reality for me as I get enough during my walking around hours at home. heehee Peace

Lance was clean cut looking just his bloodline bad. He gave the sport a nasty black eye and then had the nerve to deny it until finally he had to admit the truth. He left a very nasty taste in lots of folks mouth . We would watch the replay at night because the day time we are making our own history around here. Peace