Saturday, September 27, 2014

Prince's Photos of this morning

As I was nursing my first cup of coffee, Prince said we needed to take pictures of the sun rise. I told him I did that yesterday and I was selfishly gonna drink my coffee and just soak in the beauty of the morning. 
Therefore, he disappeared , to get out his little sony and take photos. I am glad he did as the photos are gorgeous. 
Yesterday the low clouds appeared as mountain ranges and today's low cloud looks like a city. 
The Kitty Justice is these views are brought to you by my Prince. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Last Friday in September

The first photo was taken around six nineteen before the sun rose.  When I came out of the kitchen door, I could not help but take this photo with the sun rise framed by our two Holly trees. 
The second photo was taken as the sun came up at six thirty-six. As I went further down the porch, I took this photo so you could see more of the sky as the sun came up over the horizon. 
Now look closer or click on the photo so it will enlarge and you can see the horizon and then two long thin clouds which makes it look as if you can see two more sets of hills. 
Now I would like to request those of you who watch the space station travel over the night time sky or morning sky,  to please wave to our Tennessean, Barry Wilmore, who rocketed toward the international space station on Thursday. Mr. Wilmore grew up just east of us in nearby Wilson county and played football for Mt Juliet and also played football at Tennessee Tech (Cookeville, TN.) He is a Navy pilot who has made 3 journeys into space. I bet he has some great photos from those journeys. 
The first Kitty Justice is Mother Nature can fool your eyes.
The second Kitty Justice is do not forget to wave to Barry. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

In the corner

That is where the head of the NFL should be. In the corner that is. I do not know about yawl but I find it is much too easy these days to say "I AM SORRY." Most often I wonder if they are really sorry or sorry that they got caught. Too long society has let bullies get away with their unsavory acts. 
I was slapped once by my Dad and looking back I did not do anything so bad to have to pick my head off the far wall. Dad spanked but Mother gave you a good talking to. I had much rather be spanked by my Dad because it was over and done, than get a lecture from Mother. 
I remember one time when Dad spanked me, I caught the licks in my hands . He held one of my hands and used his other free hand to spank me. We went around and around in a circle and in the end my hands were swollen. He said  you should have not have tried to catch the switch which was really a good size stick. Then as most often he would say he was sorry. 
Once my older sister stayed out too late and he took a belt to her and beat her until she fainted. At that moment I was sure he had commented murder and my sister was dead. I remember it was not too long until she married just to get away from living in the house with Dad. One hell for another hell. Poor Sis. 
For years I knew this couple and thought that they were one of the happiest couples I had know, Then I was disillusioned when she  told me of his abuse. Afterwards,  she would end the story by telling  me what a good person he was. NOT to me.  I listened to her problems and then called the abuse line to get her help and was told they could do nothing until she was ready to get out of the situation. So to keep my sanity, I  cut ties with her. I have learned  she is still married to this guy and living in her private Hell today. BTW After he would do his nasty deeds to her, he would say "I am sorry." 
Those millionaire players of the NFL can afford to get HELP whereas others cannot so I have little sympathy for them. 
The Kitty Justice would be to end their playing career as soon as the abuse is public and
Not let a convicted dog killer like Michael Vick continue to be paid big bucks . Those who ABUSE should suffer the same as Pete Rose and not let near the game again. 
NOW SHOULD I TELL YOU HOW I REALLY FEEL. You might not want to know. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Prom Photos for Throwback Thursday

 Here I am ready for my date to pick me up and take me to the Jr. Sr. Prom in 1967. Pale pale lipstick was in but it made me look as if I had no lips in photos. I have to give you a little background on my date. He was the new boy in school my second year of high school and all the girls were crazy about him. Every bunch of girls were talking about him. Well, I felt as if I had no chance with him and I planned on consoling all the other boys. More boys for me and they could have the new boy. After history class my girlfriend and I were going down the stairs and she said "Did I hear Don ask you out on a date?" I looked at her and questioned her if there was an actual hayride for Saturday? Earlier as the class was over, Don had come up and asked if I liked hay rides. I flippantly said Yes. He then told me a Group he was in was having one Saturday night and he would talk with me later. Thus, I started dating the new boy and continued until late into my senior year. 
Miss Kitty in University of Tennessee orange Prom dress for the Jr. Sr. Prom in 1968. I had broken up with Don and did not even think I would go but alas I was asked to go . Later I found out the guy I went with had been pushed out the door by Don and his friends and made to ask me. I saw him drive by my house at least 3 times and I being so innocent thought he did not know where I lived. Little did I know he could not make up his mind if he wanted to go out with the brainy kitten.  I must admit after I found out about this ordeal,  I then made the guy who asked me to  pay dearly for this embarrassment. Something I am not proud of but I was too young and hurt to care. So I was a really bad puddy tat. 
The white dress my mother order from a catalog for me to go to the Prom my Junior year but she made the orange one for me. It was orange satin with orange lace over lay.
The Kitty Justice is I thought I was good looking in those outfits.

Background: My big sister was always spoken of as the pretty one, so I never really thought I was pretty because I had stayed on the Ugly Duckling Rack as long as she was around.  

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Zinnias in the kitchen

These flowers continue to bloom and ole Kitty J just keeps cutting. Mimi loves cut flowers and been a true Southern Lady she does not care for artificial flowers no matter how real they look. 
My must thank our wonderful neighbor Brenda for telling me to be sure to save the seeds of a bouquet she brought Mimi a couple of years ago. She advised that the seeds were Heirloom Seeds. I dried and saved seeds from each color but the red seems to be dominate. When I cut the flowers this time, I had to stand on my tippy toes as the plants are way over my head. 
The Kitty Justice is I may have to get a step ladder but I plan to keep cutting them as long as they bloom. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kitchen Clock

Prince came home last Friday with a present. He said when he saw the clock he thought of me. 
I just love the fact he is thinking about me and picks up a present for no reason. Anytime he brings me something whether it is bought or something he has found such as a rock for my garden"s border or a turkey feather it is SPECIAL. Those kind of gifts are the best. The ones not expected.  
All of us usually get gifts on a Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas or Valentines but when he gives me something for no reason at all, well it just makes me feel truly special
The Kitty Justice is the best presents are his time. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Nothing to Say

The Kitty Justice is I took the title from one of my favorite blogger. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Time flies

 After Mimi's recent illness, I have made myself a promise which I started last week. I picked up my paint brushes and began painting at least 3 hours a week. Mimi had a fall the first of June and that an other issues made for a brief stay in the hospital. After she returned home, we had home health this and home health that.A constant fanning of the doors and the sound of the door bell.  Finally she is through with the therapists and now only the wound health care nurse is coming 2 days a week. Therefore, instead of spending time on the computer to recharge my batteries, I knew without a doubt that painting was the answer. Do any of yawl watch Joel Osteen? I saw a sermon about 2 weeks ago and it was about not letting the world affect your happiness. He eluded to the fact that we are a boat and the world is the ocean and when we get a hole in the boat, well it sinks. Also, the rough waters of the seas are on top and if you go down deep enough, you will experience calm water.Rather good advise.  I still need to tweak here and there on Miss Fall but I just wanted to share with you out there in blog land.  
Our local ACE hardware store has a sidewalk sale every year around this time to get summer items gone so they will have room for Christmas.( CHRISTMAS DISPLAYS COME OUT TOO SOON FOR ME.) This is the little glass table I picked up at 50 per cent off. I went back on the first Saturday of the sale and picked up a 5 gallon bucket for five dollars and the whole amount goes to the Children hospital at Vanderbilt. Everything you could fit into the bucket that was not on the sidewalk sale was 20 per cent off. I got several items that I use around the house. 
There are two Kitty Justice thoughts today. 
The Kitty Justice is to get in your boat and paint. Also, the Kitty Justice is to find ways to save and help others in the process.