Sunday, September 21, 2014

In the corner

That is where the head of the NFL should be. In the corner that is. I do not know about yawl but I find it is much too easy these days to say "I AM SORRY." Most often I wonder if they are really sorry or sorry that they got caught. Too long society has let bullies get away with their unsavory acts. 
I was slapped once by my Dad and looking back I did not do anything so bad to have to pick my head off the far wall. Dad spanked but Mother gave you a good talking to. I had much rather be spanked by my Dad because it was over and done, than get a lecture from Mother. 
I remember one time when Dad spanked me, I caught the licks in my hands . He held one of my hands and used his other free hand to spank me. We went around and around in a circle and in the end my hands were swollen. He said  you should have not have tried to catch the switch which was really a good size stick. Then as most often he would say he was sorry. 
Once my older sister stayed out too late and he took a belt to her and beat her until she fainted. At that moment I was sure he had commented murder and my sister was dead. I remember it was not too long until she married just to get away from living in the house with Dad. One hell for another hell. Poor Sis. 
For years I knew this couple and thought that they were one of the happiest couples I had know, Then I was disillusioned when she  told me of his abuse. Afterwards,  she would end the story by telling  me what a good person he was. NOT to me.  I listened to her problems and then called the abuse line to get her help and was told they could do nothing until she was ready to get out of the situation. So to keep my sanity, I  cut ties with her. I have learned  she is still married to this guy and living in her private Hell today. BTW After he would do his nasty deeds to her, he would say "I am sorry." 
Those millionaire players of the NFL can afford to get HELP whereas others cannot so I have little sympathy for them. 
The Kitty Justice would be to end their playing career as soon as the abuse is public and
Not let a convicted dog killer like Michael Vick continue to be paid big bucks . Those who ABUSE should suffer the same as Pete Rose and not let near the game again. 
NOW SHOULD I TELL YOU HOW I REALLY FEEL. You might not want to know. 


Changes in the wind said...

It is a sad situation for sure. However I think we are walking a fine line when we think our bosses have a right to fire us because they don't like what we do in the privacy of our home. Don't misunderstand, I am not in favor of abuse but where do you draw the line? Just like your friend if these women will not take a stand not having a job will not be of much help.

Lee said...

"Sorry" doesn't cut it with me as far as abuse goes. And I'm not sorry for feeling this way.

If a man ever laid a hand on me...he'd only do it once...that I can guarantee.

I was never spanked as a child. My brother and I were given the warnings, often, no doubt...but we were never spanked. We knew when we'd broached too closely to the line...and when we did so, we just pulled our heads in. I never wanted to get why push my luck. Words were enough for me.

Lady Di Tn said...

I see the point of the fine line but I was speaking only in the sports world as they make way too much money not to seek help for their abuses rages. I never will understand why the women stay and they too need professional help. Peace

There is no such thing as pulling back when you are subject to an abuser. I have heard of people who were never spanked but never knew any. A spanking is different than abuse and I have seen lots of children in public who could learn the fear of a plastic fly swatter as it leaves no mark and it only stings for an instance but it gets their attention. I do not believe in hurting anyone but sometimes words are not enough. I used time out alot on Puppy and that is a perfect way to get a childs attention. It is really hard for folks to truly understand abuse but those of us who have been subject to it truly understand what not to do Peace

DUTA said...

Very good post!
Abusers should not get away with their deeds. As for spanking a child, I agree with your view expressed in your reply to Lee's comment.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. I do believe that all the high paid sport people should have it in their contracts that if they are guilt of abuse they cannot continue in their profession. The "I will lose my profession." might just make them stop and think before they act. Everyday folks (kids and adults) emulate those in the public eye. Thus, again that would help stop abuse. All corporate offices should provide ANGRY MANAGEMENT courses. I hate the term Abused grow up to be Abuser. Neither I or my siblings have grown up to be abuser. Peace