Thursday, September 18, 2014

Prom Photos for Throwback Thursday

 Here I am ready for my date to pick me up and take me to the Jr. Sr. Prom in 1967. Pale pale lipstick was in but it made me look as if I had no lips in photos. I have to give you a little background on my date. He was the new boy in school my second year of high school and all the girls were crazy about him. Every bunch of girls were talking about him. Well, I felt as if I had no chance with him and I planned on consoling all the other boys. More boys for me and they could have the new boy. After history class my girlfriend and I were going down the stairs and she said "Did I hear Don ask you out on a date?" I looked at her and questioned her if there was an actual hayride for Saturday? Earlier as the class was over, Don had come up and asked if I liked hay rides. I flippantly said Yes. He then told me a Group he was in was having one Saturday night and he would talk with me later. Thus, I started dating the new boy and continued until late into my senior year. 
Miss Kitty in University of Tennessee orange Prom dress for the Jr. Sr. Prom in 1968. I had broken up with Don and did not even think I would go but alas I was asked to go . Later I found out the guy I went with had been pushed out the door by Don and his friends and made to ask me. I saw him drive by my house at least 3 times and I being so innocent thought he did not know where I lived. Little did I know he could not make up his mind if he wanted to go out with the brainy kitten.  I must admit after I found out about this ordeal,  I then made the guy who asked me to  pay dearly for this embarrassment. Something I am not proud of but I was too young and hurt to care. So I was a really bad puddy tat. 
The white dress my mother order from a catalog for me to go to the Prom my Junior year but she made the orange one for me. It was orange satin with orange lace over lay.
The Kitty Justice is I thought I was good looking in those outfits.

Background: My big sister was always spoken of as the pretty one, so I never really thought I was pretty because I had stayed on the Ugly Duckling Rack as long as she was around.  


Changes in the wind said...

Those were the days:) So glad we don't have to do them again for once was enough.

Lee said...

You certainly were a pretty young kitty, Lady Di. Lovely photos...thanks for sharing them and your story. I love both! :)

Lady Di Tn said...

How correct. Peace

Thank you and I appreciate the fact that you liked the story since you are the story teller of the blocks I read. Peace

DUTA said...

Photos like these two are a source of pride and confidence both in real time and later in life. You certainly were the "belle of the ball".

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks for your kind words. Peace