Wednesday, October 01, 2014

October wonder

I took these two photos ten minutes apart. The first at six twenty-six and the second one at six thirty-six. I sent another one taken this morning to our favorite weather man, Paul on WSMV.
Later I retrieved the newspaper for Maggie and saw that the bucks have begun to rub on the 3 Leland Cypress again. They have eaten everything they can find. Like the tomatoes plants along the bottom porch along with all the Hosta leaves. They had already eaten every green leaf off the two Oak Leaf Hydrangeas that I planted last year. The Leland Cypress and Oak Leaf Hydrangeas were planted near  blue bird houses because I read the birds liked a something near by so the baby birds could land on just in case their fight was impaired. I also noticed on the driveway that the Hickory Nuts are raining down and making 4 little boats when the outer shell breaks. Did any of you every play with them in the water? I did and loved it. You could have a fleet in no time flat. Anyway, the squirrels have not made as many crumbs on the driveway as they have in the past. Wonder if the nuts are not any good?  Also, the big Walnut trees lose their leaves first and then down drop the giant green balls of walnuts. If you have never stepped on one of these on a hillside, well you do not know how fast you can slide to the bottom of the hill. Yep, done that too. 
Prince and I were enjoying the sun rise , when he saw this huge bird fly into the top of the Walnut tree out behind the cabin. It was Hoot and he was a sight to see even in silhouette. 
The Kitty Justice is the deer should leave my plants alone and eat the shelled corn we provide them. 

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Small City Scenes said...

You have been having some beautiful sunrises. Glorious! MB