Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving is done for 2014

 This table decoration has lasted through the fall and Thanksgiving and now it is time to decorate for Christmas. Most often I spend the day after Thanksgiving putting up this and that to make the house look festive for the Christmas Season. I hope all yawl's Thanksgiving was as nice as our.  Only once did the kitty justice claws almost come out. But I refrained and just yelled "Coming through".I am usually an easy going kat but when Ten adults are standing about in your cooking space, it makes a wreck of the cook(ME). Next time I cook for the crowd, we had thirteen adults, I plan to put up crime tape around the kitchen, with a big sign No murder has been committed or will be if you keep out of my kitchen while I cook. Mimi and Wilson had left the kitchen and Mimi had tried in her gentle Southern Lady way informed folks that they needed to retire to the living room so the cook could have space. Did not work thus the thought of Crime tape next time I cook. The following were on the menu:  baked turkey, fried turkey, cranberry sauce, gravy, rice, green beans, dressing, sweet potato casserole and rolls. One SIL brought a wonderful kale super salad and my new Niece AA fix not one but two wonderful desserts, a blackberry cobbler and two fudge pies. We had our dinner at 3 pm therefore everyone was on their own if they wished something to eat later. My BIL washed dishes and my other SIL and I put away the few left overs and cleaned those dishes.
After the meals we sat and visited in the living room and Puppy went downstairs and fell asleep by the fire. Prince kept the fire going all day. Later Mimi headed to bed and those of us wishing to watch football headed for the downstairs and fire. 
The Kitty Justice is I am thankful Mother taught me patience's and my claws stayed put. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Today is windy

This cloud has moved on and the sky looks darker with other clouds. We are suppose to get Sun this afternoon but look at the Holly Tree to the right and you can see it peeking through. 
Oh what a difference a week makes. 
The Kitty Justice if you do not like Tennessee's weather stick around and it will change. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thankful for Maggie

This is really the first time I have let Maggie go all the way to the roadside to get the paper. But Monday morning I could see the paper was a good distance from the road side and I could watch her retrieve the paper from the shelter of the garage. The snow flurries were coming down in earnest and the last few weeks she has been acting like a young puppy. The leg surgery was well worth the cost because she is not hurting any more. 
The Kitty Justice is she got well just in time to be our News Dog. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Snow flurries this morning

 As you can see the flowers are now gone and I will need to replace them with greenery. They were still pretty through Thursday of last week,(13th).
 I tried to capture a bird or two as they were feeding in large numbers, but alas no birds in the photo. This is looking to the right behind the log cabin. I was watching a flock of turkeys walk up the hill from the corn feeder. 
As you can see you cannot see Bellevue as it is shrouded in snow flurries. We still have some color on the trees. This is looking at Jackson Hill from our house.
The Kitty Justice is that all of the photos were taken from inside the house. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Here today

 My geraniums are still going strong. However, after the cold front moves in this afternoon these beautiful blooms will be no more. 
 Yesterday, I took some cuttings from both plants and placed them in my kitchen window just like Mother use to do before a killing cold spell. It is said we might see SNOW flurries on Saturday. 

I put this pot of purple wandering jew in front of Mimi's window but I need to go out and move it so she will not have to watch it die. I could stick in the basement with the other plants to winter but I have almost run out of room for the plants. 
The Kitty Justice is that we were fortunate to have outside beauties this long into the fall. 

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Rainy Day but not today.

Yesterday it was very foggy until mid day and it was raining when I got up and still raining when I went to sleep. It was not a gully washer but a slow and stead rain. The rain gauge shows one and half inches. 
Today I did not take photos of the morning but stood at the window and let the beauty sweep over me. First, the day is clear and you can see for miles. A flock of birds flew over head and then as if on key, broke up into two separate flocks and one  headed  North and the other South. As the sun rose, the wet fields sparked as if they had been sprinkled with diamonds. I love to see the marvel of this display.  There are a few tall trees standing naked today but those with any color shone like they had new paint on them. As if on cue, a light mist of fog blew up from the pond and dulled the white barn and trees with it's shroud. I blinked and it disappeared over the tree tops and down into the valley. 
Stepping outside I took a deep breath of crisp clean air. Looks like a Glorious day to me. 
Now how many turkeys do you see coming to eat in the rain?
The kitty justice is to use all your senses to enjoy the gift of TODAY. 

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Yesterday Tuesday fourth

 This was it for the sun rise because the sun was gobbled up by the clouds. 
 Later I took a photo of the scene from the hill and lots of trees have lost their leaves and we are also still quite green . Well we are known as the green state. However, as voters we were Red. I kept waiting for the national news to tell the nation that Tennessee under our Governor Haslem has the lowest debt of any state and we now provide any graduation senior from high school the chance to get FREE  2 years of technological school or Junior college . Not bad.
I am glad I took this photo of our neighbor's maple tree because it is raining and so foggy today that I can hardly see the blue bird houses. 
The Kitty Justice is our fall color on the hill was short lived but enjoyed.

Sunday, November 02, 2014

First Sunday in November 2014

After the wind BLEW, we had six inches piled at the front door. Both guys have spent 3 days blowing them away from the house but alas they come back. Why? Because most are still in the trees. 
The Kitty Justice is after the beautiful color they fall to the ground.