Thursday, November 06, 2014

Rainy Day but not today.

Yesterday it was very foggy until mid day and it was raining when I got up and still raining when I went to sleep. It was not a gully washer but a slow and stead rain. The rain gauge shows one and half inches. 
Today I did not take photos of the morning but stood at the window and let the beauty sweep over me. First, the day is clear and you can see for miles. A flock of birds flew over head and then as if on key, broke up into two separate flocks and one  headed  North and the other South. As the sun rose, the wet fields sparked as if they had been sprinkled with diamonds. I love to see the marvel of this display.  There are a few tall trees standing naked today but those with any color shone like they had new paint on them. As if on cue, a light mist of fog blew up from the pond and dulled the white barn and trees with it's shroud. I blinked and it disappeared over the tree tops and down into the valley. 
Stepping outside I took a deep breath of crisp clean air. Looks like a Glorious day to me. 
Now how many turkeys do you see coming to eat in the rain?
The kitty justice is to use all your senses to enjoy the gift of TODAY. 


Adullamite said...

I could suffer rain easier than electric pylons outside my window!

La Petite Gallery said...

Enjoy the Day is right. The weather in Maine is nuts. We had a blizzard Nov1st, 17 inches of snow and much damage. The trees couldn't handle the heave wet snow
they still had leaves.

Lady Di Tn said...

TVA came along and put these in after the house was built in 1964. They just take the ride of way and then leave the monster towers. When it was being built, one of the workers killed a huge snake and he brought it up to show my FIL and he quickly told him that "he had to sell them the land but he had not sold him the snake." Peace

That kind of weather cause a lot of havoc. I will not complain of the rain. Peace