Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving is done for 2014

 This table decoration has lasted through the fall and Thanksgiving and now it is time to decorate for Christmas. Most often I spend the day after Thanksgiving putting up this and that to make the house look festive for the Christmas Season. I hope all yawl's Thanksgiving was as nice as our.  Only once did the kitty justice claws almost come out. But I refrained and just yelled "Coming through".I am usually an easy going kat but when Ten adults are standing about in your cooking space, it makes a wreck of the cook(ME). Next time I cook for the crowd, we had thirteen adults, I plan to put up crime tape around the kitchen, with a big sign No murder has been committed or will be if you keep out of my kitchen while I cook. Mimi and Wilson had left the kitchen and Mimi had tried in her gentle Southern Lady way informed folks that they needed to retire to the living room so the cook could have space. Did not work thus the thought of Crime tape next time I cook. The following were on the menu:  baked turkey, fried turkey, cranberry sauce, gravy, rice, green beans, dressing, sweet potato casserole and rolls. One SIL brought a wonderful kale super salad and my new Niece AA fix not one but two wonderful desserts, a blackberry cobbler and two fudge pies. We had our dinner at 3 pm therefore everyone was on their own if they wished something to eat later. My BIL washed dishes and my other SIL and I put away the few left overs and cleaned those dishes.
After the meals we sat and visited in the living room and Puppy went downstairs and fell asleep by the fire. Prince kept the fire going all day. Later Mimi headed to bed and those of us wishing to watch football headed for the downstairs and fire. 
The Kitty Justice is I am thankful Mother taught me patience's and my claws stayed put. 


Lee said...

I empathise! People milling around when you're busy in the kitchen and trying to get the food out does make one want to bring the claws out. They seem to get blinkers on just around that time!

And then just as you're about to serve someone goes off to the bathroom!!! And then the domino principle comes into effect!

Now you've got to do it all over again for Christmas! I hear there's a sale on crime tape, Miss Kitty...and on nail files!

DUTA said...

Your Thanksgiving meal - yummy, yummy!
I like your humorous description of the crowding in the kitchen.
I wish you many happy returns of Thanksgiving family celebration!

Changes in the wind said...

Sounds like you had a great dinner and I bet they all gather in the kitchen to be close to you:)

Lady Di Tn said...

While Prince and I were at a local Lowe's store looking for a 240 volt heater for the cabin, I came across the yellow tape and Prince had to pull me away from the display or else it would have come home with me. I like for the family to feel comfortable but just not in the kitchen while I cook. I did manage to get everything done and out on time. LOL nail files. Peace

Thank you and there were no complaints and lots of clean plates. Peace

LOL I am afraid it was the snacks and drinks. Next year a table full in other places. Peace