Thursday, December 04, 2014

First Christmas Present this year

Christmas season has begun as we have had our Art Venture luncheon and played the Dirty Santa game. Each artist brings an original painting wrapped in Christmas paper or bag and places their gift on a table at the party. Mz Peaches in the black outfit standing up in the left side of the photo is one of the hostess for the month of December. The other hostess is Mz. Bunny (not in the photo). Each artist draws a number (you always hope for a larger numbers because your painting will be less likely to be stolen) Yep, we steal twice and then the gift is retired and cannot be stolen again. Since I was number four and most of the other paintings had been opened, I felt safe. Not so, Mz. Cat sitting beside me had her painting stolen and she had stolen before so she said she was gonna steal again. I teased her and said she was gonna be a bad, bad , bad puddy tat. No sooner had the words gotten out of my mouth than she reached over and stole my painting. In true kitty fashion, I had already picked out a place for Sister's (lady standing behind Mz. Cat) painting therefore I was crushed. Instead of stealing, I unwrapped one that was still on the table and it was Mz Mc watercolor titled "Slipped Right Through". I got her painting last year and really wanted another artist's painting. 
My goal is try to get something from everyone in our group. Did not happen this year. Seems as if I am collecting artwork by Mz. Mc. I could go over to Mz. Cat's house and steal the painting back and replacing it with something similar so she would not notice. Now to figure out how to get away with my plot. The worse was when I got home, Mz. Peaches called and informed me that Sister was resigning from the group. She was the groups online lady ,therefore, they wish for me to do the online work. This made the thievery of my painting by Mz. Cat  even worse since Sister will not be playing our dirty Santa game, next year. That deserves a healthy "CAT FUZZY,"  
The Kitty Justice is I know where Mz. Cat lives. LOL



Jackie said...

What a wonderfully neat game to play....and a perfect way to collect art from your friends.
Sending you love,

Lee said...

I'll zip my lips and not let slip to anyone your plan, Miss Kitty. :)

Patty said...

I've played that game before, and no sooner would I open a gift and the next person in line would steal it. Every time someone stole it, I got to pick another one. We took Christmas ornaments, etc or some white elephant, had to be worth at least $20.00. So I went out and bought a pretty little locket and earrings, for a woman. Spent a little more then $20.00. I ended up with a chintzy curling iron. They were poplar back then, and the woman that brought it, was even telling our table what she bought and the best thing she said was the rebate she was going to get, so she had to keep the box so she could tear something from it to use to get the rebate.

My daughter said, when someone stole something nice, I should have stolen it back, but I didn't and I might still have ended up in the same boat. No I don't care for that exchange, we called it the Chinese Gift exchange, have no idea why.

What ever might keep you away from the computer, hope it will be fun times for you and not a lot of work.

I go back to see the pain management doctor on the 22nd. He's going to give me another trigger injection so I should be feeling real good over Christmas.

The last couple of days, I've really been hurting, don't know if it's the weather or the fact Abe thought himself and I could move two beds into different rooms. Two of our daughters had to come by and finish it for us. Plus I have to bend over and wipe the dogs feet when he comes in from outside. He loves to chase the squirrels around the yard and of course, he's running close to the fence where there is more mud. I don't want him jumping up on the new furniture. And ever since that run in he had with a skunk this past spring, I take him outside on a leash when it's dark. Another reason I didn't want another dog. Plus we now have our daughters cat, even though she has moved out. Poor thing has pancreatitis and vomits a lot. most of our floors are wood or tile, except for the office which is low pile. I hated for her to have to pay more each month to have the cat with them, and with her working and daughter in school, cat would be there all day my himself. He's gotten use to us being around all the time. He's lived here six years now. And like I told the daughter, if he did vomit while they were gone, it would lay there all day, and his vomits has a lot of bile in it, so it stains things yellow.

Well I guess I have complained long enough. Perhaps the lady retiring will give you the painting. If I don't get around again, have a very Merry Christmas.

Adullamite said...

What a bunch of 'artists' you lot are!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Lady Di Tn said...

yes it is and fun too. Same to you. Peace

Thanks and if you were here, I bet you would help. Peace

Merry Christmas and hope the injection works. I look at it as the fun of the game and always hope to get something from someone I do not have already. Seems like we will be losing 2 and maybe three artist and as the new secretary, I will have to rework the the hostess list. Peace

Thank you very much as Elvis would say. Peace and the same to you.