Thursday, February 26, 2015

Time for cold weather to end

 I am so ready for tunnels of purple on the Natchez Trace and flowers of Spring.

 I am ready for bunnies real and or not. 
 I am ready for more brilliant sun rises and less snow and ice. 

Snow I like in small doses but the Ice can go to a very hot place, well you know what I mean.
Our upper porch had 2 inches of ice on it when it started to rain last Saturday. Three hard working souls(Prince, Puppy and I) and five hour later we had it clear. It had formed an ice dam and water was running down the basement walls, therefore it had to go no matter what. I can honestly say it has been a REALLY LONG TIME IF EVER that I was that cold and wet. Those who have had it worse well I feel your pain but this southern gal does not wish to be where there is so much cold and snow. This episode was enough to cure me for wishing for snow. Alas, it was not the snow but the ice which is so very horrible. Our neighbors to the east in our state,  have trees etc down and no power yet and some might not get it for 3 weeks. It is beyond my wisdom as to why Mother Nature has been so cruel to us southerners. 
The Kitty Justice is that Tennessee weather is like a woman's mood, wait and it will change. As for this Kat it can change any time now. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

A week of COLD

 I took this photo this morning and it was 10 degrees outside. The color did not last long until the clouds rolled in for another grey day. We are suppose to start with snow at noon and by mid afternoon it will go into freezing rain and sleet. Then tomorrow it will be warm enough to turn into rain with possible flooding. I need to find that groundhog who predicted more winter and make him into a hat. So far we have not lost power but with another round of ice on the way, we can only pray our luck will hold out. Maybe our Angels will continue to hold the lines up for us as long as my 96 soon to be 97 year old MIL is in the house. Thank God we do have a generator. 

 The week has been ice with a little snow and breaking temperature records. The birds have eaten most of the seed so we will need to go out and pick up more for our feathered friends. I have watched the doves with frozen tail feathers try to land . They make it but the usual fan of tail feathers is not possible. When the sun comes out it is a picture post card in the making with the sparkling ice attached to everything. A flock of male turkeys came up the hill and picketed around the house until Puppy got the four wheeler out and took them some corn. The feeder is full of corn but frozen therefore, nothing can be thrown out at the allotted intervals. 
Before the bad weather, I went out and picked all the buds from our yard. Mimi wondered if they would even open but as you can see we did have a little spring on the kitchen table. 
At first Maggie refused to squat on that sheet of ice but after much sniffing she resigned herself to finding no uncovered earth to do her daily business. Now she seems use to it and runs out does her thing and heads back to the house. You know it is cold when a Lab rather be inside than outside. 
As for me, I have run up and down steps to keep the fire burning so it will be warmer in the house. After chores are done, I cover up with a warm red blanket downstairs by the fire and read . 
The Kitty Justice is I know how to act like a house cat when it is COLD and ICE covers the earth. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pot keepers

 Do you have any pot keepers? I had the bird already in my pot of plants and thought it fun to put the Cat on that one. 
I put the hummingbird on the Spider Plant. Think it will eat it? LOL Then the spotted frog on the Borges Plant. As you can see the Blue Pencil Plant was already on it's way our or as Lee said" Pop It's Cork". I got these little critters from my niece and nephew for Christmas 2014. I took the photos as soon as I put them on the pots and I can see quite a different in the way the plants look now as they did then. 
The Kitty Justice is they are fun little items to decorate your pots.

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Pencil Plant

When I brought in my multitude of plants for the winter, I moved this plant to the library in order to place my big Peace Lilly in the spot it had occupied. It was very unhappy and no matte what I did it continued to dry up and wither. I finally cut the last 4 inches off the end of the two pieces that appeared to be still alive and stuck them in water to see if they will root. 
In the meantime, I put a rooted piece of sage that I had had in the kitchen window in the pot that the pencil plant had occupied. Sage on the hill is very hardy, therefore if it starts to wilt, I will know the pot is diseased. 
The Kitty Justice is the pot will be thrown away if the hardy sage does not survive. 

Friday, February 06, 2015

January skies

Beautiful sunrises , cloudy with sun to foggy snow days. 
This collage is the way Tennessee winter displays it changing weather. 
The Kitty Justice if you do not like the weather in TN just wait a few days and it will change. 

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Thought for Thursday

 Instead of a Throw Back Thursday, I wish to ask you a serious question and you need to give it lots of Thought. Thus the title of this post. 
FIRST YOU HAVE ONLY ONE CHOICE. Think carefully before you speak or type, etc.  Your sense of smell will be gone forever, however, the twist is you can chose one smell . Now what would you like to smell forever? I asked Prince and he quickly replied the smell of diesel fuel burning. WHAT???? 
Now you think about it. Would you want to smell the sent of your loved one forever or perhaps you would prefer something baking. 

 Maybe you have a favorite flower or perhaps wet tomato vines. 
 Then again you might like the smell of cut grass and sunshine or the freshness of rain. 
Please think carefully and tell me what you would like to smell FOREVER. 

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Let there be light

Last year I put this floor lamp on my wish list at I thought someone would get it for me either at Christmas or Burpday. NOT. However, by waiting to purchase it myself, it went on sale and I save one hundred thirty dollars off the original price. Yeah. 
Patience is a virtue and it also give the retail guys time to come off their price. 
The beauty now resides at the end of one of the cherry benches and lights the end of the living room and part of the dining room. 
The Kitty Justice is it was a "Deal". 

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Happy February

This was the last day of January's sun rise. Today it is rainy and getting colder. Burr. 

Prince came home with the FLU last Monday. Yes, he did get the flu shot. Finally with my nagging, he got the Doctor to prescribe him some Tami flu. Might be spelled wrong. Anyway, by Friday night he no longer had a fever and was feeling better but weak and no appetite. He said when he ate, he felt like his stomach had a brick in it. Between taking care of him and trying to keep places germ free and taking care of Mimi it was a blur of a week. Mimi's leg which she injured back on 6-1-14 is beginning to look like a leg instead of a misplaced alligator. I work on her leg twice a day and with my massaging the area there is better blood flow so it is looking good and soon will be better. 

After the fever broke, I stripped the bed clothes and washed everything in HOT water. I do not wish anyone else in the family to get sick especially Mimi. She is not physically strong so that would be a very very bad thing to happen to her. 

I cannot believe we have worked our self into the second month of the year. Each year, I am can hear my Mother say "The years get faster as you age." The year may get faster but I am slowing down. Back when Mother was saying such things to me, I never thought I would get to be this age. Surprise, surprise. Those young people out there will get a wake up call someday when they reach a ripe old age. 

Now everyone is talking about the Super Bowl. There will be no party on the hill but I do plan to enjoy the game. I only want it to be close and not a run away. If it is a run away, I will just enjoy the commercials. I hate the fact that some are now being aired before the game. Why pay all that money if your gonna show them in advance. Sounds dumb to me but I am not in advertisement. I do have a favorite team. Reason, back when Tom Brady was a Senior in college at Michigan, our family were fortunate to see him play against Michigan State. It was a wonderful trip to see friends and a bonus to be there at the game and before hand. The drum core program before the game was so exciting. Besides we have a Tennessee boy, Dante Hightower,  which my son's high school  football team played against playing for New England, so yes I will be routing for them. 

The Kitty Justice is I hope yawl enjoy the Super Bowl 49 and stay well.