Sunday, February 01, 2015

Happy February

This was the last day of January's sun rise. Today it is rainy and getting colder. Burr. 

Prince came home with the FLU last Monday. Yes, he did get the flu shot. Finally with my nagging, he got the Doctor to prescribe him some Tami flu. Might be spelled wrong. Anyway, by Friday night he no longer had a fever and was feeling better but weak and no appetite. He said when he ate, he felt like his stomach had a brick in it. Between taking care of him and trying to keep places germ free and taking care of Mimi it was a blur of a week. Mimi's leg which she injured back on 6-1-14 is beginning to look like a leg instead of a misplaced alligator. I work on her leg twice a day and with my massaging the area there is better blood flow so it is looking good and soon will be better. 

After the fever broke, I stripped the bed clothes and washed everything in HOT water. I do not wish anyone else in the family to get sick especially Mimi. She is not physically strong so that would be a very very bad thing to happen to her. 

I cannot believe we have worked our self into the second month of the year. Each year, I am can hear my Mother say "The years get faster as you age." The year may get faster but I am slowing down. Back when Mother was saying such things to me, I never thought I would get to be this age. Surprise, surprise. Those young people out there will get a wake up call someday when they reach a ripe old age. 

Now everyone is talking about the Super Bowl. There will be no party on the hill but I do plan to enjoy the game. I only want it to be close and not a run away. If it is a run away, I will just enjoy the commercials. I hate the fact that some are now being aired before the game. Why pay all that money if your gonna show them in advance. Sounds dumb to me but I am not in advertisement. I do have a favorite team. Reason, back when Tom Brady was a Senior in college at Michigan, our family were fortunate to see him play against Michigan State. It was a wonderful trip to see friends and a bonus to be there at the game and before hand. The drum core program before the game was so exciting. Besides we have a Tennessee boy, Dante Hightower,  which my son's high school  football team played against playing for New England, so yes I will be routing for them. 

The Kitty Justice is I hope yawl enjoy the Super Bowl 49 and stay well.


Small City Scenes said...

Yes it is hard to believe that it is already February which of course means that March is not far behind which means SPRING! is not that far off.
Too bad Prince had the Flu. It is a mean thing.
Glad Mimi's leg is getting better. It takes a long time sometimes. I hurt my back in July and it now starting to feel better. Of course the Drs. are mystified--I mystify everybody. HaHa



Lee said...

I'll be watching the Super Bowl, too. I always do. It will all start about 2 hours from now (as I type). I was going to have hot dogs (I usually do) but I've halfway prepared Macaroni & Cheese instead. Every year I watch the game; a tradition that began when my ex (who wasn't my ex at the time) arrived back from living in New York for nine years. We always watched it...and he still does, too. He rang me yesterday to remind me about the game...but I didn't need reminding.

And it is so true what you say about growing older and time goes by too quickly these days.

I hope the Prince is feeling better very soon. Take care. :)

Changes in the wind said...

You have a handful of taking care of there:) Don't forget yourself in the mix:)

Lady Di Tn said...

Take care of that back. Take it from someone who has had 2 surgeries and the last with rods and screws. You do MYSTIFY. It was a really really good game. Peace

Prince went back to work today and I hope no strong germ was lingering in the hospital to jump on him. Glad to hear you watch the Super Bowl. It lived up to it's name this year. Peace

I am all to aware that if General H
goes down the ship might sink. Peace