Wednesday, March 25, 2015

More Blooms

 These little bulbs were all around the sun dial when I arrived on the Hill a few years back and now I have moved them to other flower beds. I do not know the name nor have I ever tried to look them up. 
 The hillside beside the big Box wood on the right as you look at the house was bare when I made my entrance to the Hill. Not anymore. The Vinca looks gorgeous there. 
I planted this flowering Plum tree between the cabin and the house and enjoy it's blooms each year. Being a country girl it did not take long for me to dig in the dirt and improve the Hill. 
The Kitty Justice is that plants and trees make the vista a better place to look upon. 


Vickie H said...

Looks like ya'll have had a hard winter. No snow here but tons of rain and some sleet. I am so ready for things to dry out and stay warm.

Patty said...

Love the little blue/violet colored flowers.

Our ant family is about to see their end. I finally gave up after almost a month of trying different things. Every since we've lived in this house we have little brownish colored ants in the Spring and Fall. This year they started earlier then usual. I have the little ants traps, but when I see them crawling on my counter top, I have to wash them off with vinegar water. So I guess I've been killing their trails back to where ever they came from. I figure the exterminator can do it better then me. I have four different cabinets that sit on the floor, and I don't intend to put the items back until I know they are gone for good.

We were told this area was one big farm and the man that owned it said his fields were full of ant hills. I believe it.

The man that helped with the mulch said they are called cement ants, and they like grease and or sugar.
Our house was built on slab cement. He said they can come in through any little crack in the vent system and then on into the house. So once the house is taken care of, I want some stuff put around the foundation of the house to keep them from coming back. Just hope it's not going to cost an arm and a let. LOL

Cold and wet here today. Have another load of clothes to do.

Lady Di Tn said...

The ice dam on the porch was the worse of it. I have become a very firm believer that ice should only come in coke drinks, tea, etc. We are suppose to have rain for the next five days. Oh well, I will take that over ice and snow any day. Good to see ya. Peace

Thanks those little blooms are some of the first to pop out. Makes you take a deep breath and know Spring is around the corner. Glad to here the ant march has come to an end. Peace