Thursday, May 28, 2015

Lilies and Human Monkeys

 As I was taking a photo of this beautiful Lily for Mimi as it cannot be seen from the house, I hear noise in our neighbor's trees. Up in a big Oak was a tree trimmer cutting limbs away from the power line that comes up from the road. 
 There two of them climbing around like it was second nature. They would climb up a tree and cut the limbs back and then repel down like it was a joyful activity. I wanted to shout "Whee" but thought they might not get my humor. So I remained silent and just watch their Monkey maneuvers. 
 After they started dragging the brush to the road I continued my quest to get the best photos of my Lilies.

The Kitty Justice is to be surprised by a acrobatic show for one, other only the trees would have known they were there. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

May Days

 This photo was taken Sunday as Prince headed down the hill to bush hog the field. The last one below was taken less than a month ago. Now we cannot blame it on the rain because we went over 20 days without rain. However, we were blessed with sprinkles on the hill Saturday and a full one and half inches in thirty minutes Sunday. Yes Prince was out in the rain but he did get a little cover from the canopy of the Massey. 
 As for Mz Kitty, I have been painting up a storm of the outside furniture and yard work. Prince and I were heading up to the cabin at the lake and I spotted that rusty ole milk can at an antique dealers house. We went back and I got it and now it is painted and holding a teapot with a plant and a cat pot holder. I also repainted my sewing machine stand and machine along with the Angel . I would much rather be painting a canvas but things were looking shabby so I got out the paint cans and sprayed and sprayed. 
I am aware that the photos are not in the order they should be BUT it is Monday and thinking in order is too much for even orderly me. 
The Kitty Justice is yawl will have to put on your attention pants and deal with it.  

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sage Advise

I love purple in my yard therefore, I tend to plant things that makes it the dominate color. I think fresh herbs are delightful but they are rather pretty too. 
The Kitty Justice is to give sage advise but only in one sentence. 
PRETEND THAT THIS IS THE LAST ADVISE YOU WILL UTTER. Now that gives you food for thought. 

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Profile Photos

This is my profile photo on the blog and Facebook. I find it shows the quirky side of me. Anyway, I like to see and also wonder when profile photos get changed. 
I have noticed that one of y'all has changed to a Lion head for your profile. Now as I set here wondering does this mean 1. you like lions 2. it describes your personality or 3 does it have another meaning?
Do you change your profile photo and why? Just wondering.
The Kitty Justice is that I am a true curious kat. 

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Beautiful days of May

I am truly BLESSED  to view all the beautiful sunrises that are presented to me each day. I give Thanks for these daily but I also give Thanks for all the small but very necessary things we have in America. I feel that this Hill is a haven for all wild life even us two legged kind. 
No, I am not fit and fine as a fiddle and yes, I hurt when I awake but if that was not the case, I would just have to stump my toe to make sure I am alive. 
I have turned off the TV as no news is the best news. I have limited myself with only one hour of computer time and just enjoying ever task be it hard or easy in the days of my life. Just stop and think Y'all we only get so many of them. 
The Kitty Justice is y'all should do the same and remember where you are IS where you are meant to be. Peace

Saturday, May 02, 2015


These two little feathered creatures followed Maggie up into the yard as she was bringing us the paper yesterday. No they were not afraid of her but acted as if she was a guiding light. After I took Maggie inside for her treats (payment for doing her job), I rushed back outside with camera in hand. I was overjoyed that these little Guineas were still doing their work and riding me of bugs in the yard. The photos are not that great as the little birds have a habit of continual movement. These were much larger than the one's my Pa had so today I pulled up facts on google which were provided by a farmer in Gainsboro, TN., Gail Damerow. Funny as that is very close to where my grandparents ancestors were from. 
Anyway, these are Helmeted Guineas and must be hybrid because a mature female weights 3 pounds and a mature male weights in at only 4 pounds. Therefore, my memory of smaller birds was correct. 
I have begged for Guineas and chickens but I have been denied the pleasure of having them because they would be too much work and predators would eat them. NOT Guineas and the free range ones are used to keep pest and bugs out of your area. I knew we never had bugs or ticks growing up and now I know why. GUINEAS. 
The Kitty Justice is to get some Chemical free bugger. GUINEAS.