Monday, May 18, 2015

May Days

 This photo was taken Sunday as Prince headed down the hill to bush hog the field. The last one below was taken less than a month ago. Now we cannot blame it on the rain because we went over 20 days without rain. However, we were blessed with sprinkles on the hill Saturday and a full one and half inches in thirty minutes Sunday. Yes Prince was out in the rain but he did get a little cover from the canopy of the Massey. 
 As for Mz Kitty, I have been painting up a storm of the outside furniture and yard work. Prince and I were heading up to the cabin at the lake and I spotted that rusty ole milk can at an antique dealers house. We went back and I got it and now it is painted and holding a teapot with a plant and a cat pot holder. I also repainted my sewing machine stand and machine along with the Angel . I would much rather be painting a canvas but things were looking shabby so I got out the paint cans and sprayed and sprayed. 
I am aware that the photos are not in the order they should be BUT it is Monday and thinking in order is too much for even orderly me. 
The Kitty Justice is yawl will have to put on your attention pants and deal with it.  


Jackie said...

Love the painted milk can and sewing machine. You sure made a silk purse out of a sow's ear, didn't you. Looks great!!
I'm so thankful for each drop of rain that we get.
And...bush hogging and living in the country go together like rice and gravy, don't they?
Sending you hugs and love,

Lee said...

Who cares about the order! They're great photos. And what a find that milk can was.

Everything is looking nice and green despite the lack of rain.

Take care, Miss Kitty. :)

Changes in the wind said...

Love the orange wind mill:) It seems you have been mighty busy getting everything fixed up. Love the fern!!

Adullamite said...

An excellent first photo!
Very good!

La Petite Gallery said...

Sounds like my life, all I do is yard work, weeding etc and thinking of painting the picnic table.
The Fairs and events are almost here
and art shows. I have to finish my canvases.Clean house? How? When?

Lady Di Tn said...

I still have some sow's ears to work on. Thanks and the milk truck use to pick up the full cans of milk and leave empty ones each morning just like this one. Ah, days gone by. Yes you are correct about the bush hogging. Peace

Well it was a Monday Muddle for sure and thanks. We welcome the rain after days of no rain. Peace

Thanks and yes the work never ends but that is life as we know it. Glad you like the wind mill. The blue birds were watching Prince as he cut the field and appreciate the new area to find food. Peace

Thanks and Peace

Weeds. I looked off the back porch and there are some as tall as trees. I just cannot get it all down as I use to could. Canvases come first as the weeds and dust will be here after we can no longer paint. Darn, I need to take my own advise. Peace

Small City Scenes said...

Beautiful shots. Bob has to get to our big pastures the grass is waist high already. I like your paintings too. beautiful shots inall.