Friday, June 19, 2015

Looking back

This was a signed and numbered print in my doctor's waiting room . It is called "The Diagnosis" and I did not write down by whom as I thought I would be able to read it from the photo(NOT). The first thing I noticed were the shoes. The majority were round toed shoes, but one had on pointed shoes, one had on high top tennis shoes, one had his golf shoes on and another did not have any shoes on. I found this a rather clever print and the topic suited the area. 
Months ago I began to have some of my favorite foods turn on me. You know what I thought don't you? That I hated this getting older crap. I began to carry Pepcid with me so I could get relief if a food did not agree with my aging stomach. Really tuff getting old.  
Next I began to be bloated and could rid the world's energy problems with the gas I was producing." Very embarrassing." More so the bottom end than the top. Now I am not one to Burp  but those loud obnoxious sounds would spurt out without warning. I was beginning to run around with a very red face. So embarrassed was I. 
Since I have to be at death's door to throw up I was continually nauseated with or without food. 
Not a good way to keep going. As fate would have it I soon became Queen of the Throne. First I thought good grief a virus on top of everything else. Then it lingered on. Not a virus. 
On 8-25-2002, I had a very painful attack and it all came back to me when the knife cut across my middle . It went all the way through my body and exited under my right shoulder. That nasty little sac of bile was on the warpath and I was it's enemy. Test ensued and if the stones had been gold, let's just say this gal would be in High Cotton. 
My sister who has had several surgeries and always awoke very sick told me "That is the only surgery I ever awoke from feeling good." Everyone was giving me their testimonies of how much better they felt after Gallbladder surgery. 
I awoke from the surgery without nauseate, knife in my middle and the exit wound in my shoulder and I was sore but being an out patient I was read to head to the barn and recover. Let's just say Surgery is Surgery and that is enough to define what happen. My cousin use to call some surgery "Sissy Surgery". I am a firm believer there is NOT such an animal.  
THEN the deep soreness where the 4 prong fork had been used on my middle began. The fourth day out of surgery, I was beginning to wonder why in the ---- did I agree to surgery. 
After many a painful days, it dawn on me that I had a Tommie Copper woman core pressure item that I had gotten to help with back pain. I put it on and in 24 hours I could move without becoming a big time wimp. I even sat down and wrote the company I was so very thankful. 
The Kitty Justice is not to think you are getting old or the subject of a plague of viruses but remember that Nasty Pesky Sac of Stones, Mr. Gallbladder. Why Mr. well it had to be a man to hurt me so bad as we ladies would never ever do that to each other. 


Adullamite said...

British joke from the 30's before the NHS ;-

1st Doctor:- What did you operate on Jones for?
2nd Doctor:- £100.
1st Doctor:- No, I mean what had he got?
2nd Doctor:- £100.

Lady Di Tn said...

Mr A
The joke is perfect for the print. Peace

Lee said...

Touch wood, I've never suffered from gallstones...but my late grandmother did.

I hope you're feeling well again, Lady Di...and Miss Kitty is reading to kick up her heels! Take care. :)

Lady Di Tn said...

I certainly wish you continued good fortune. There is nothing Sissy about Gallstones. Nasty little beggars. I am getting better daily but still mending. I tried to put on blue jean capris and the elastic bothered the spot on my navel so I searched for a more favorable fabric. Peace