Wednesday, June 03, 2015

My Time to Rant

Instead of wondering why people try to justify their sexual nature and having it post all over the media especially posing as a woman when you were once a celebrated athletic, the news of 10,000 cats and dogs  that are being cruelly killed by the Chinese for a Meat Festival held around June 22 in Julin is not reported. Just the thought much less the horrible photos of the acts just completely turns my stomach and make me more apt to turn an object over to see where it was produced  and if it comes from China I can do without it. All Chinese are not responsible but they continue to let those in power do cruel and unspeakable things. My sweet dog does her job, fetching the paper each morning and I am as loyal to her as she to me. Would you eat my dog? If so, you better watch your back. 
 As we watch and cry that gays should be treated with equal rights and allowed to get married, our government is using our hard earn dollars to fund a Solar Energy program which has proved to be a real folly. Someone is lining their pockets and it is not the American public. Our generous government has approved 32 million more to pour down this failing program. But was this reported. Not at all because the stupids of America had rather hear and read about sex, scandal, gays, and anything that will diver their feeble minds rather than what is really happen.
 I guess the Chinese would use our sweet kitty for an appetizer but no one is yelling stop this beastly feast. My Kat claws are out and I would not hesitate to eliminate the threat to our kind furry friends. 
 The EPA believes there is gold at the end of the rainbow and they call it Corn. Corn should be eaten not used as a fuel additive to destroy engines. Yep, if you use it in small engines now if the equipment stops you just buy another, but it could last you for years if you do not put Ethanol in its tank. But has this been on the news. Can't fit it in between Bruce and Caitlin? No, matter what he spends to change the outside he or it will be the same inside. Just because you change a cover on a book well it is the same book on the inside. He should have remained as he was and spent the money on food for the hungry. 
Entitlements and racism are also a big media ticket. Then comes the lawsuits. Everyone is entitled to only what he earns nothing more. Racism is just something to use to get folks to look the other way while the government passes laws that they will not adhere too. Otherwise everyone would be on Obama Care and and not elite Insurance that the government officials have created for themselves. 
The Kitty Justice is what matters we do not hear about but what DOES NOT MATTER is all over the news. I guess we should  rename the News, the New Trash. 


Changes in the wind said...

We are living in some scary times that is for sure. Common sense just isn't that common now days:(

Lady Di Tn said...

I think common sense has long left America. Peace

La Petite Gallery said...

Well, I am jumping with JOY that you posted this.
Too many Americans have their heads up their ____'s
If we do not rage and inform them,
this is becoming a 3rd world country. Fix my road.
They spend our money like water.
The media is probably on the payroll also.
At this point, I hate to see the news.
AND that sick Bruce is one reason. Don't air your dirty
underwear in my yard. PLEASE.
Thanks yvonne

Adullamite said...

I love the dog fetching the paper and the cat doing nothing but eating!
That's how it ought to be.

DUTA said...

I'm not familiar with your solar failing program, but generally I'm very much in favor of solar energy projects. This kind of energy is now quite expensive, but it has a great future.
Chinese can be cruel, and not only to their dogs and cats. Wait till they start asking for their money invested in american bonds. Pretty scarry thought.

Small City Scenes said...

Well said!!!! Thank you.
I feel the same as you.

Lady Di Tn said...

Sounds as we are on the same page. Peace
Mr A
Maggie has been doing this job since she was 3 months old. A very very smart animal. Bandit is my son's cat and if you leave a water glass out, he will stick his paw into it and drink the water off his paw. Yuck, and you know that paw has been places we would rather not know about. I try to keep a top on any of my water glasses. Peace

On such solar company has gone bust after more than a billion dollars was sunk into it by our stupid government. I have known about the cruelty of the Chinese but only found out about that horrid meat festival the last couple of years. Yes you are correct, the idea is very very scary.

Thanks for the support. Make me want to throw up my hands and run for the hills. Peace

Lee said...

I agree, Lady Di....well said!

Lady Di Tn said...

You write so good that I have just been given a great compliment. Peace