Monday, June 29, 2015

Sick of the News

 The first two photos are of the baby fox squirrel. I have no idea if it is male or female. The last two photos are of Mama squirrel which we have named Foxy. When the sun is out and shining on their fur the red is a very bright red. Grey squirrels out number fox squirrels so we feel Blessed to get to watch these two dine at our sunflower feeder. Their antics are much more entertaining than the news media. 
This photo was taken Saturday morning and the weather was awesome. In the sixties with a light breeze and Sunday was the same except we had sun shine. I love those kind of days. 
Prince dug up my Zinnia bed and I planted the seeds and it felt wonderful to dig in God's dirt. I just hope they grow as I never have planted seeds this late. Why am I late? One word-Gallbladder. Had that pesky part removed and I am feeling better ever day. This country girl did not plant any tomatoes. WHAT?  Yep, when I do not plant my favorite summer fruit you know I had to be pretty sick physically. 
I wish to say in college I took a course  how Religion affected our History. Now people just like Ben Alfleck are trying to omit or just ignore historical events. It happen- Get Over It. That is why it is called History. 
I am a true Southern born in my beloved state Tennessee where I continue to reside. I believe in God and religious freedom that we found to secure by coming to America , guns to defend myself from harm and put food on the table, and Southern Heritage. I have never own a Slave nor did my side of the family who found under that flag. I also have never own a Battle Flag but with all the hoopla, I might go out and purchase one. I believe in a one man and one woman    marriage just as The Bible states. 
Now if you wish to Vilify this Southern Lady do so with FACTS and not fiction or myths. 
The Kitty Justice is it is NOT okay to hijack the Battle Flag for hate groups, it is NOT okay to use God's rainbow  nor our word gay for homosexual use. Neither one should APPLY 
However now a pound sign is called a hashtag. WHAT? 


DUTA said...

I'm glad you feel much better after the gallbladder removal.
As for your rant - Well, I totally agree with your point of view.
On another matter, I've been to Moscow lately, so I'm inviting you to read my impressions. I've only written two posts so far, but I intend to write some more.

Adullamite said...

A lovely rant.

Lee said...

I'm sick of the news, too....and have found that I'm cutting down watching the news as often as I used to do. It's far too depressing. I'm in my twilight years...and alone able to change nothing...other than not to allow what is going on in our world bring me down.

I am quite reclusive in my choice in being so...and I enjoy my own company and my two furry rascals, Remy and Shama. If I sound like an ostrich with its head buried in the be it. None has gotten in my eyes so far. :)

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks Duta. Looking forward to your post. Peace

Mr A
Thanks you kind sir. Peace

Yes the news is either depressing or quite disturbing so I too do not listen as often. However, my 96 year old MIL has it on all the time and ask me "Have you heard?" So I find out lots of stuff through her.
Your last comment reminds me of my life before I married. Often times it was just me alone with Chu Tu and Ling Ling (my chow dogs). Lots of times, I would not speak to anyone from the time I came home from work on Friday until I got to work on Monday. I entertained myself really well so I understand your ostrich life style. Peace

Changes in the wind said...

Wondered why you hadn't posted is so long. Glad to know you are okay and feeling better. Aren't the squirrels so cute:) It most definitely is depressing watching the news. Maybe it will get better after the elections or at least I hope so.

Lady Di Tn said...

Just now feeling up to doing lots of things again and I pulled some weeds last week. I enjoyed it more than you know plus the flower beds look so much better. The boys are NOT into pulling weeds, now if the weed eater works in the area the weeds are gone but I cannot turn them loose as neither one knows plants. The fox squirrels are great entertainment and I cannot believe the number of folks who have never seen one. Peace be with you.