Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hello Friends until Free Speech offends

 I did not have any flowers in bloom, so I went to Puppy's herb patch and sniped off some mint. He put it in the ground and it is taking over the patch. Kind of reminds me how the Gays have taken over with the help of 5 Supreme Court Justices. Just as the mint will choke out the other plants so will the gays choke out Christianity. 
 Prince found this little nest a couple of years ago as he was working outside and brought it to me as one of the little gifts he is always finding in the yard. A little wren had built in my dirty rag bag outside which I keep behind the door that opens onto the porch and when you would open or close the door she would fly out and scare you. We knew she was there but each of us would jump when she would fly out. For over a week, she did not appear therefore, I decided it was time to clean out the bag and wash the rags to use again. As I dumped them on the ground the nest had eggs but they were empty. I felt sad that the babies did not hatch. I took the little eggs and put them in the nest, again I was struck that these eggs were EMPTY just like the promises of government officials to Support the Constitution and represent the people. Neither of which is being done. 
I was surprised to see my Mother In Laws or Snake Plant had little blooms. There were 3 stalks of the little flowers and due to the heat lasted only a few days. I am also SURPRISED to see the fury over anything Confederate. Especially the Battle Flag. Can Southern's prevent the fact that hate groups have hijacked our flag? Not if folks do not understand the real facts of the War and that it is History. NO SYMBOL OR ANY KIND OF HISTORY WILL STOP RACISM. 
The Kitty Justice is My Mother always said "keep your mouth shut unless you know all the facts" something that lots of Americans should adhere to in this rush for political correctness. 


DUTA said...

I felt kind of sad reading your post, That bad hah? Well, it's not a happy world, and America, the big and mighty, is rather showing signs of deterioration, but we mustn't lose hope that God will make things right.

Lee said...

Politically-correct is more like politically-incorrect in my book!

Changes in the wind said...

It is indeed heartbreaking to see the happenings of today and even my Granddaughter says she fears for the future of her future children. Can you imagine what the world might look like then (she is 17yrs.) I refuse to give up hope because I know that bad can be turned to good, just hope I live to see it:)

Adullamite said...

Poor little birds not hatching.
Lovely to have them nest so near.

p.s. I'm offended.

Lady Di Tn said...

I am hanging on to hope but it is a tiny thread now. I pray our country will regain Common Sense. Peace

Absolutely correct with your observations. I hate politically correct and entitlements as both are misused. Peace

With all that has occurred I can see why a reasonable 17 year old would fear the future. Maybe someone in her group can bring back the country from the brink. Peace

We have wrens nest in our garage every year but this was the only time they did not hatch. I think the plastic bag might not have been a good choice in this heat. BTW We are all offended by something. I was hurt more so than offended the other day when the Confederate Battle Flag was compared to the Nazi flag. But I still like and respect the man who said it. I read in the local paper that a Chicago firm had bought a big piece of property on the east side of the river and my first thoughts "The north is still invading." Just like before after they get a big paycheck they will leave and do it to someone else. Nashville is on a building boom but the basic, water roads, schools etc are not keeping pace. Peace