Friday, July 24, 2015


 Due to the southern heat, the hydrangea is losing it's color.
 This Balloon flower plant has 2 different colors. I guess our neighbors bees did the coloring. 
This is how the Balloon flower should look. 
The Kitty Justice is I shall see yawl next week. Have a great weekend. 


Changes in the wind said...

What a pretty flower....balloon flower, never seen you before.

Lee said...

My late brother, Graham love purple flowers. I love when the jacarandas in bloom...still a few months to wait for that to happen here...October-November are the main months to experience their beauty.

Lady Di Tn said...

As you can tell they look like a purple balloon before they open. I found them in a garden center a few years back and I love that they come back each year. Peace

Well I am much like Graham as I love purple flowers too. Peace

La Petite Gallery said...

love the blue bells or balloon flowers. I believe my Thor even though he is gone 3 years is still with me. I love this new dog Bennie, but Thor was a part of me, 14 years of him.

Patty said...

Beautiful flowers. Glad to hear you are doing well from your gall bladder surgery. I had mine back in 1958, when i was six months pregnant with our third child, I started having gall bladder attacks. When she was three months old, had it removed. 18 months later, started having like gall stone attacks again, eye balls looked yellowish, so did my skin, here adhesion's had strangled my gall ducts and it blocked them. So all that bile was backing up into my blood making me jaundice and giving me lots of pain. Even more then when I had the gall stones.So another operation, but that took care of it.I still have to be careful, sometimes too much fresh fruits or vegetables seem to upset my digestive system. And garlic, I try to stay away from, it even makes my stomach, the part where the food goes, hurt and feel sore. I've now had four abdominal surgeries, these were before the robotic kind of surgeries, lumpectomy on both breast, carpal tunnel on my right hand/wrist. Believe me, I don't want any more of any kind. Several D & C's, 11 teeth pulled while under, and several colonoscopies. I think this old body has had enough done to it.

Hang in there, you'll find every day you'll feel a little better and have more energy back.

Kay G. said...

I love your blog, I just found you on Adullamite's blog. (I love how Lee calls him "Ad-Man")
I love flowers and I love the flowers you have shown us here.
Love your sunflower on the side where the birds have been at it!
Nice to meet you!

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks. Thor has his part of your heart but Bennie will have his part too. You never get over a special fur friend but I have found I have love for others. I guess my heart is made up of many paw prints. Peace

My oh my. Makes my surgery sound like only a fly in the ointment. I agree with you about I have also had enough surgeries and cannot understand the Idiots that have elected surgery. I guess that is what makes us all so different. I am feeling better and have done more physical labor (washing windows) I need to count how many windows we have. Now can I count that high. lol (yep I am one of the 2 percent who uses LOL) Hope you and Abe are well as I have not been on the computer much lately so I have not had any updates on friends. Tell Abe I still look each day at his lovely sunflower and it makes me HAPPY along with kinds thoughts coming your way. Peace

Kay G.
Welcome to Kitty Justice. I hope you will return and I plan to hop over to your blog soon. I just love the way Adullamite's mind works and his writting and phrases make my day when I am on his site. I have found lots of nice blogger the same way you found me. Please come again. Peace

Small City Scenes said...

My daughter loves Balloon flowers. she thinks they are so funny.