Sunday, August 09, 2015

Lilly Kitty

 The above two photos are of the newest addition on the hill. Miss Lilly Kitty was the only female of the six kittens that were borned to my sister's walk on cat, Onyx. Below is a photo of Bandit when he was about Lilly's age. Lilly is lighter especially under her chin and she is grayer while he has more brown in his coat. 

The kitty justice is everyone has a cat on the hill. Purrrrrrrr


DUTA said...

Lilly is adorable!

Changes in the wind said...

Now I would say that kitty hit the jackpot landed at your house:)

Lee said...

Ahhhh...pretty Lilly Kitty and handsome Bandit...what precious little pets they both are. :)

Purrs from Remy and Shama. And cuddles from me! :)

Lady Di Tn said...

Lilly is adorable but she hates noise and runs for cover when a noise is made. Peace

I have wanted a kitty since Moe but when Bandit arrived it was not convenient for me so he went to live with Puppy in the cabin and he loves it and Puppy loves him. Thanks and Peace

Lilly has been here a week and slowly making herself known to all the animals on the hill and the house. I took her to my bathroom and bedroom yesterday. Since the house has lots of places to hide, I want her very comfortable with the place before she has full house privileges. Peace

Small City Scenes said...

Aw sweet baby.

Patty said...

Abe says, if and when something happens to Pepper Jax, the dog, he's going to get a cat, so it will lay on his lap. The dog would and can, but Abe keeps feeding him so much, the dog just keeps getting fatter. What's nice about the cat, they use a litter box, which means you don't have to dry them off, wash their feet or go outside with them in the winter, otherwise this dog doesn't seem to have enough sense to do his business and come in. But a cat is harder to give medicines to, the dog will eat anything you stick the pill into.

Hope you've been doing great since your gall bladder surgery and you've gotten your strength back.

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and Peace

I have always been a dog person and my sister a cat person. The only true cat that was mine, was Moe kitty and he adopted me and I enjoyed him so much. Bandit was to be mine but he went down to Puppy's house and only returns to visit. So now Lilly kitty is mine and I plan to keep her as I go into a ripe old age. If anything happens to Maggie, Prince wants a dog of his own as Maggie is mine too. Abe is correct, cat's are much easier to maintain than dogs. Thanks for asking about my recovery. I am getting better daily. There are some things I can not eat but I am learning my limits. Peace