Wednesday, August 26, 2015

On the Wire or Fence

This is a good use for being on the wire as they are waiting their turn at the feeders. However, if you are on the wire politically, leaning left or right I truly hope you really pick the best person for the job by researching them. 
Recently I spent one afternoon researching the candidates for our cities mayor. It has come down to a run off because no one got 50 per cent of the votes. The two who got the most votes are in the run off election. I cannot say I like everything about them because you really never know someone deeply. But the one I do not care for has a husband who was past President of the ACLU and is currently on the board. Before  I  found out about this close association, I really did not care for her attitude or shall I say" Cattitude". Now if y'all have any knowledge of the ACLU, you are aware of their stand on Christianity. From everything I have seen of the organization, they use lots of money and time to wipe out God from America. Our schools, our pledge etc. etc. I think every person who supports the ACLU should take the college history course that I took many moons ago about How religion was the foundation of our country and how it influence our history. The fellow running opposite of her would be better for our city because our current mayor has taken the city DEEP into debt but our infrastructure has not been updated. If we are not careful Nashville will be the next Atlanta. We do not have the roadways and a mass transit system is really just a faint idea in someones mind. Oh yes, we have buses galore but pull up beside one and it will be virtually empty. We have one rail line from Wilson County (east of us) to downtown Nashville. Traffic is a genuine NIGHTMARE. If you go downtown, you can see all the new high rise buildings and dozen of cranes dot the sky building more. Our poor aging water lines and system will be over worked and folks will go dry as the county has to fix all the old ones that burst under pressure. 
I really do not have any idea how to fix Nashville's problems but someone much smarter than the abrasive woman would be better at the job. The one woman who could have managed the cities problems came in fourth in the election. 
The Kitty Justice is that everyone should have to take a test to vote and if they miss more than 3 answer, well they do not qualify to vote.   


Changes in the wind said...

I try to be a informed voter but even that is no guarantee these days. It seems politicians lie with ease.

Lee said...

There always seems to be more problems than problem-solvers!

Lady Di Tn said...

I try also to be informed but those liars can throw us a curve often. Peace

We have self appointed grand standers with no skills at problem solving these days and the ones that can fix the problems either are too smart to try because of the grand standers. Peace