Friday, August 28, 2015

Out Back

 As I stand and look off the upper porch, my eyes are delighted with the flowers above. 
 The fog of August is sweeping across the Hill. We cannot fathom how green everything happens to be this time of year. Our neighbor with his batwing bush hog finished the mowing for us. A true southern neighbor. 
This greets me from the kitchen and when I first ramble outside to soak  in the sights of our world on the Hill. BTW Do you believe that the number of fogs in August is the number of snows you will have in the winter? My Grandma loved folklore. 
The Kitty Justice is to feel Blessed with a Green August and colorful flowers to greet you from their perch. 


Changes in the wind said...

All those flowers and they are so pretty!

Adullamite said...

Really good pictures.

Jackie said...

Beautiful photos. Beautiful!
I am not putting much hope in the saying about fog/snow here in the deep South.
Doesn't happen that way for us. I wish it did.
I am thankful for your kind neighbor who did the bush hogging. Blessings on kind people.
Sending you hugs,

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks and Peace

Mr A
Thank you and Peace

How nice to see you wondering in blogland. It is just an old wives tale and just something to pass time I would expect. Yes, I agree, many Blessings to those who bush hog out of kindness. Peace

Lee said...

I love your photos, Miss Kitty. Sorry I'm running late...but I'm here now! :)

Lady Di Tn said...

Better late than Never. Peace