Wednesday, September 23, 2015


 Here is a red wasp nest I took as a reminder to watch out where I put my hands. 
I had come upon some cheap gladiolus bulbs at Dollar General store and was in the process of planting them in front of the Boxwood on the right side of the Ginkgo tree when another plant was in my way. Without any thought of danger, I held up the plant that was in my way and then it happen. On the knuckle of my pointer finger right hand a pain shot up my arm. I pulled my hand back to find a red wasp stuck in the top of my glove. I could not remove it fast enough to stop him (had to be a man) from continuing to pump poison into my hand. Now I was on my knees and I am rather short so the nest was less than 3 feet off the ground in the Box bush. The Kitty Justice is to watch where you put your hand.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Mz. Lilly on my bed

Today Mr. Rick catches up with Kitty Justice and I hope he has a grand birthday and gets to do whatever he wishes. 
The Kitty Justice is he always catches up with me. 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Mimi's Birthday Flowers from Puppy

When the sun hits her birthday flowers, they look translucent. 
 This photo is how they look September nineteenth and below is how they looked the end of May. 
I set them outside the kitchen window and for six months they have bloomed and bloomed to the enjoyment of Mimi.
The Kitty Justice is to use Bloom builder by Miracle Grow weekly. 

Saturday, September 19, 2015


 When I get up to take Maggie for her first walk in the morning, I take a flashlight with me so I can keep up with her. Then back inside, I feed her and Mz. Lilly. I get them fresh water and then head outside to put up and refill 3 seed feeder and hang 4 hummingbird feeder. As I was hanging the feeders Hoot called out his little song from down near the pond.  Back inside, I clean out the dish drainer and put on coffee. All of this was done before, I went outside to watch the sun rise. As I walked down the porch, I saw a spike deer at the corn feeder and a little hare playing under the apple trees. As I set back to watch the sun come up, I listen to the wakening of the song birds. It seems the Nuthatch are the ones who start the joyful noise. 
 The sun arrived and it is much farther to the East than it was on the first. The colorful sky indicates that fall is on the move however with the last few days of temperatures, you would not believe it is coming. 
 As I continued to watch the suns path up into the sky, I wondered how many others were doing the same thing. Being a morning person I love to get out and watch the world come alive. 
 This is the last photo I took before the camera and I headed to the kitchen and a cup of coffee. Just as I poured my cup, Maggie was ready to do her work (go get the paper) therefore, I took the cup with me to see if the paper was there. Since the new neighbors have moved in there are 2 papers on Saturday and Maggie gets both of them in her mouth and brings them up. I take one to the end of the neighbors driveway and repeat to Maggie that this one is Jim's paper. I think she now has gotten the hang or else his was not there because today she only brought up one paper. 
Back inside, I put the paper out for Mimi to read and then enjoyed my favorite bread. I have become addicted to Publix's English Muffin Bread. I had two slices with Pumpkin Spice Cream cheese spread on them. 
The Kitty Justice is I hope your day started as nice as mine. 

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Heat is On

That little taste of Fall is gone and I have shut all the windows and doors and turned back on the AC. Gonna be in the nineties for the next couple of weeks. Maybe the weather will co-operate with the calendar and on 9-23 it will be nice an crisp each morning. 
I truly hope all the Doves will continue to come an rest on our wires because today is the first day of Dove Season. I do not nor have I ever hunted those little creatures. When we had a Dove field, I did take a few missed shots just so I could be out in the field with the guys. 
At present if you are hunting doves with our temps, you should be one big sweat ball. Too hot for most outdoor activities. I feel for the Football players. 
The Kitty Justice is I will gladly be a Sissy and stay inside.