Saturday, October 24, 2015

Another look at Cheekwood

It was such a perfect day that I walked the whole trail and it was like I was the only one there. At he end of the trail you come up behind the mansion. 
The Kitty Justice is my paws were tired after this hike.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Lots of Mums

It was a wonderful sunny fall day yesterday therefore I took a stroll through the Cheekwood gardens. 
The Kitty Justice is I did not make it to the section with the scary crows. 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

More SKY

 The big Walnut tree between our house and the neighbors has lost most of it's leaves. The nut crop was very sparse so I worry about the rats with fluffy tails. I guess they will be guest at our feeders. I know that fall has begun as the Walnut trees loose their leaves first. 
 Watch out are y'all gonna be a Krispy Critter if you hit the sun!!! Do you see what I see?
This would have been a great photo if I had not stood tall and I am pretty short. I guess I am so use to those TVA towers I do not notice them. 
The Kitty Justice is I paint the towers out of the scene when I paint our view. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015


I won these beauties at the September Art Venture luncheon. They have been a wonderful addition to the porch making it have a glimmer of fall color. 
The hostess announced she had only put 18 numbers in the box to draw the door prizes from therefore when I drew the number 19, I felt sure I was not gonna win. I did not request to redraw as I figured even with a new number I would not win. Why? There are several lucky ladies that seem to win almost every time. It is fun to win but not necessary because I just love getting together with the talented women and finding out what they have been doing. However, you have to move around or else you do not get to visit with different ones. 
Back to the winning the mums, when I saw the number 19, I said aloud, I bet I do not win. Mz JC said I bet you do. I figured I would not tell her my number so I said I would bet her I would not win. Darling sat across from us and she wanted to make the bet interesting so I said $100.00. Mz JC countered and she was requested to draw the numbers. The first number out was 19. What???? Eddy had made the announcement that there was only 18 numbers. Being the imp Darling kept saying are you gonna pay up or what. Mz JC and I just laughed it off.  
The Kitty Justice is I made the bet in fun knowing I would not win the prize with only 18 numbers in the pot. Darling was the one who wanted us to put money on it.  

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Watching Me

Mz Lilly likes to hang with me in whatever room I roam. She has begun to get more yellow in her coat than she had as a wee kitten. 
She is taking it easy from the box in the antique chair across from my computer and I wonder if she is learning how to type. 
The Kitty Justice if y'all get some odd message it will probably be Lilly. AKA Princess Kitty. 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Friday 10-9 Same as today

 Just like Friday morning today the valley was full of fog and it was clear up here on the Hill. 
I do not get to sleep in as Maggie wishes to complete her job so she will get a treat. Our new neighbors have two golden retriever contained in an electric fence and Maggie always struts a little more when they are outside barking her up the drive. The old road bed is blocked by an oak that needs to be cut into fire wood. Prince blew the leaves that have fallen down the hill but this morning there are more that need to be sent the in the same path. Has anyone noticed that the Hickory trees leaves are just turning brown and falling rather than taking on the golden color of the fall. 
As I was standing awaiting Maggie's return with the paper, it was raining acorns on the hill. 
The Kitty Justice is not to sit under a Oak tree unless you wish to be pelted with acorn bombs and squirrel crumbs. 

Wednesday, October 07, 2015


These photos were taken as I was creeping along on our interstate I 40 heading east to my sister's house. I rarely leave home during rush hour and I did not do so this day either. Nashville may be the new "IT" city but the traffic rivals Atlanta. With no improvement in traffic flow or mass transit, which most of the mayoral candidates run on improving, we will soon be one big parking lot. Puppy goes down to Fairview and gets on 840 to go to the lake and the distance is further but the traffic is not as bad as going through downtown. 
Five new hotels plus lots of high rise condos are in the works,therefore with more people coming to town, we do need a plan to handle the traffic. 
The Kitty Justice is any suggestions to Metro Nashville and the State of Tennessee would be appreciated. 

Monday, October 05, 2015


Puppy has had these Owls I painted down at the cabin. However, with his rowdy cat Bandit, he could not display them where he wished. Therefore, I brought them back to our house. 
The top one was the very first Owl I dry brushed back in the seventies and then I liked the method so well, I did lots of dry brushing on future items that I painted in ceramics. 
Now that Owls are very popular I thought these little fellows should be put out for others to enjoy. I have been an owl since high school because that was our mascot. I can still sing our school song. 
The Kitty Justice is to display your WHOOOOS. 

Thursday, October 01, 2015

White Pumpkin

When I went up to see my sister during our shopping therapy, I found this lovely white glass pumpkin. I picked it up and then put it back and then I announced to her  that if I did not get it, I would regret it later. 
It makes an elegant centerpiece for the dining room table for Pumpkin Month and can even go for Thanksgiving too. I might change the leaves from green to autumn colors for Thanksgiving.
The Kitty Justice is to always go with the first instinct.