Thursday, October 15, 2015


I won these beauties at the September Art Venture luncheon. They have been a wonderful addition to the porch making it have a glimmer of fall color. 
The hostess announced she had only put 18 numbers in the box to draw the door prizes from therefore when I drew the number 19, I felt sure I was not gonna win. I did not request to redraw as I figured even with a new number I would not win. Why? There are several lucky ladies that seem to win almost every time. It is fun to win but not necessary because I just love getting together with the talented women and finding out what they have been doing. However, you have to move around or else you do not get to visit with different ones. 
Back to the winning the mums, when I saw the number 19, I said aloud, I bet I do not win. Mz JC said I bet you do. I figured I would not tell her my number so I said I would bet her I would not win. Darling sat across from us and she wanted to make the bet interesting so I said $100.00. Mz JC countered and she was requested to draw the numbers. The first number out was 19. What???? Eddy had made the announcement that there was only 18 numbers. Being the imp Darling kept saying are you gonna pay up or what. Mz JC and I just laughed it off.  
The Kitty Justice is I made the bet in fun knowing I would not win the prize with only 18 numbers in the pot. Darling was the one who wanted us to put money on it.  

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