Wednesday, October 07, 2015


These photos were taken as I was creeping along on our interstate I 40 heading east to my sister's house. I rarely leave home during rush hour and I did not do so this day either. Nashville may be the new "IT" city but the traffic rivals Atlanta. With no improvement in traffic flow or mass transit, which most of the mayoral candidates run on improving, we will soon be one big parking lot. Puppy goes down to Fairview and gets on 840 to go to the lake and the distance is further but the traffic is not as bad as going through downtown. 
Five new hotels plus lots of high rise condos are in the works,therefore with more people coming to town, we do need a plan to handle the traffic. 
The Kitty Justice is any suggestions to Metro Nashville and the State of Tennessee would be appreciated. 


Changes in the wind said...

Hate driving in heavy traffic:(

Lady Di Tn said...

Not fun Monica and I do wish for open roads. Peace

Lee said...

I have to leave my little safe haven tomorrow to go down off this mountain to another little rural town to have my driver's license renewed. A winding road down the mountain, but fortunately, not a busy road to the town I need to visit.

Lady Di Tn said...

If you are old enough on this side of the earth you can renew on the computer. Not that you are as old as me. Just saying. Peace and safe travel be with you Lee.