Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving Morning on the Hill

 Looking up into the sky above the Walnut Tree out back. 
 Dropping down to see the red glow of the coming sun rise. 
Pink clouds looking North. A wonderful morning for Thanksgiving Day. 
Now here comes Santa Claus as Thanksgiving is now just a wonderful memory to put in the book of 2015. My camera battery died after these photos and I was too busy to grab other devices therefore no photos of the family this year. 
The Kitty Justice is that other family members have camera but were too busy enjoying the day to snap any photos. 
The score is still concrete porch One and Kitty Zero. 

Thursday, November 26, 2015


I just kept the pumpkins I used for Halloween out and just added these Pilgrims along with a couple of Fall Angels. 
My niece has to work today therefore we are having Thanksgiving dinner a couple of hours early so she does not have to rush to get to work. 
I have the Turkey breast in the oven, the dressing and sweet potatoes will come out of the frig next to warm up a little before popping in the oven. I made a Banana Pudding yesterday and Puppy made Homemade Cookies and Cream ( we ate a little last night and it is a winner) Later this morning I will cook the green beans, gravy, rice and rolls. Pull the cranberry sauce out and slice the butter to put on the table. 
My BIL is smoking a pork loin and a venison tenderloin for us to eat later if we are hungry. 
The Kitty Justice is that You and Yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and BE SURE TO GIVE THANKS.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Last Show of 2015

Yearly at the end of the fall classes, the Instructors and Students put on their annual Art Exbit at Centennial Art Center. When the Christmas holidays roll around these artworks are taken down. Most all of them are for sale and a part of the proceeds goes to the center. 
This year I did not have anything in the show as every piece needed a little something before it could be hung. 
The Kitty Justice is I will try to get ready for 2016.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sunny and Blue Sky

 The Ginkgo tree has been the brightest and prettiest in our yard this year. I can only say the usual Tennessee color was not shown this year. Some of the oaks still have green leaves and the hickory trees instead of turning their golden yellow, turn brown and just dropped. Yes it is leaf blowing time on the hill. 
Today weather looks inviting but it is rather chilly outside. When I awoke with the help of my four legged babies, the valley was covered in frost. The frost came all the way up to the corn feeder and then stopped. No frost up here on top. 
Prince wants to cut wood today so I have worked my arm into shape so I can work the lever on the log splitter for two logger on the Hill. 
The Kitty Justice is to make sure all fingers and hands are not split with the wood.