Sunday, November 22, 2015

Last Show of 2015

Yearly at the end of the fall classes, the Instructors and Students put on their annual Art Exbit at Centennial Art Center. When the Christmas holidays roll around these artworks are taken down. Most all of them are for sale and a part of the proceeds goes to the center. 
This year I did not have anything in the show as every piece needed a little something before it could be hung. 
The Kitty Justice is I will try to get ready for 2016.


Patty said...

Hope it made lot of money for your group. Just think, now you've all ready got a head start on next year, finish up the few touches and you have something ready for 2016. Hoping you have a great Thanksgiving. We're to have around 16 here, including Abe and myself. Our son from Fl, said they will be ordering two turkey dinners, one daughter is still bringing a smoked turkey breast and stuffing, another an apricot pie and a pecan pie, one a rhubarb pie and one daughter her home made mac and cheese Myself, turkey, sweet potatoes and stuffing, along with some cranberry salad is plenty. Our four daughters told their brother it's too hard for Mom to stand and cook any longer. Since he's bring a total of five, him and his wife said they will purchase Krogers prepared dinners. I hope the weather stays cold, so I can store the left overs in the garage in containers, since there wont be room in my frig for all of it. I know we will have way too much food, but I have four neighbors that will be just the two of them, so that's four plate fulls we can send over to them.
I also want to buy some heavy duty plates, cups and sturdy plastic ware. Our son told me, he just wants me to set in my recliner. We'll see how that goes. The shot I got on the 9th, starting wearing off around the 18th. This shot in the lower back I can only get about every three months. Not sure it's worth it or not. After I sweep with broom or dust mop, and run a sweeper, it really flares up. May have to check into the cost of having someone do the sweeping every few weeks. White dog hair is always someplace on floor or furniture. That's one of the reasons I DID NOT want another dog, I'm the one that has to take him to Vet and make sure he takes his medicine. I'm the one that has to get up quite often to let him out and back in. But Abe thought we needed another pet. I say next time a cat, other then they are harder to give their medicine, they use a litter box, no having to go in and out during cold weather, and no dirty feet to clean off.Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.

Changes in the wind said...

Looks like there was a lot to see. Wished you could have had some of yours but I know you want things just right.

Lee said...

It looks like it will be a great show. I'm sure they'll do well out of it.

DUTA said...

Nice variety of pictures! I always find it a pleasure to contemplate pictures. Sometimes, when I get intrigued by a certain picture, I'll try to find the reason by having a closer look to colors,subject,style.

Small City Scenes said...

Yeah get ready!!! We want to see your stuff up there.

Lady Di Tn said...

Sounds like a glorious Thanksgiving and how thoughtful of you to share with neighbors. I am breaking out the China etc as Mary Tom is 96 going on 97. I fixed Turkey (already in the oven) dressing sweet potato casserole, green beans, rice, gravy, rolls and cranberry sauce. My BIL will be bringing a pork loin and venison tenderloin he has smoked. There will only be nine of us but we will all have a good visit. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. PEACE

It was a fun show with lots of different styles and medium. Peace

It was and I think you would have enjoyed it. Peace

Glad you enjoyed the show and I think there would have been plenty for you to choose to study. Peace

I am in the process of doing more but I need to complete all the process on each before I move on, (sealing, frames, backing, and hooks or wire) Peace