Sunday, December 06, 2015

First Sunday in December

The first week of December has come and will soon be a memory. At the Art Ventures Christmas party we had a guest, Shannon, Peach's daughter. Not only is she pretty and a good sport but a very talented artist. If you wish to check out her work go to 
We play a dirty Santa game and each artist brings a wrapped piece of her artwork for the game. A painting can be stolen three times but the third time it cannot be stolen again as it is retired. We draw numbers and I always hold my breath hoping to get a high number. Poor Shannon got a real dose of the game as her number was one. She had already unwrapped a few pieces of artwork when she had hers stolen and she could either steal or unwrap another present. 
With my quirky sense of humor I put a package in a package in a package in a sack. She got to keep my painting "Golden Hours" 
The Kitty Justice is that we all had a grand time.


Changes in the wind said...

How fun!

DUTA said...

Shannon looks beautiful and lively. It seems you had a great day at the Art Ventures Christmas party, with the Santa game providing a lot of fun to the participating artists.

Small City Scenes said...

oh funny and good for you. she looks like she is enjoying all of it

Lee said...

I'm not sure how I missed this post...but I did!

A very Merry Christmas to you and your family, Miss Kitty. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas; and may 2016 treat you all kindly. Take good care...hugs. :)