Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year

May your New Year be colorful and bright. But most of all I wish for you to stay upright. Okay to stumble , just do not fall and laugh and smile as life is a ball.
Do not forget the most important one word. PLEASE
Or to reply with the most important two words. THANK YOU
Do not forget the three words that shows a kind heart. MAY I HELP
Remember the Kitty Justice is this coming year is yours and do not let anyone take it from you.
Take a page from Sinatra and DO IT YOUR WAY.


Changes in the wind said...

Happy New Year:)

Small City Scenes said...

It will be an excellent year---I just know it.

Lee said...

I love your words for the beginning of 2016...with your permission (which I know you will give) I'm going to take them with me throughout this year and henceforth!

May 2016 treat you and yours kindly, Miss Kitty. :)

La Petite Gallery said...

My way is more chocolate and good dry red wine. I promise not to buy "stuff"
this year and pray for this country, what a mess. On your comment, the young parents are
too busy to teach manners. Are we going backwards? Well, Happy New year to you and loved ones.

DUTA said...

I like your mention of Sinatra and his famous (one of my favorites) song "I did it my way".
Please', 'Thank you', 'May I Help' - without these words and phrases there's no civilization, no culture, nothing.
Laughter and smiling is good for health - so thet say. I constantly pray to God not to fall.
Thanks for reminding us the above.

May 2016 year be your Best ever!

Lady Di Tn said...

Thanks to all of you for the New Year wishes. An old friend called me this week and wanted to discuss the messages she had been getting from me. Now I had not been on Facebook for a few days nor the computer at all. Therefore, I was confused about the messages. As I was reading On FB help section to report the thief, I got a message from my neighbor who wanted to know if I had been hacked as he had just gotten a new friend request from me. I proceeded to advise him not to accept the request and I was working on reporting the problem. During this time, for some reason, I clicked the Find Friends at the top and there looking back at me of people I might know was My photo and header. Worse still we had 20 mutual friends. I copied and pasted the thief site to my timeline and kept trying to figure out how to report this HORRIBLE crime to me. I reported it to FB and within minutes I was notified that they had taken down the site. My IT son told me they go into an unprotected site and steal that persons friends by making copies of their friends. SCARY and it makes me MAD because nothing is worst than stealing and lying to others about it.