Wednesday, January 20, 2016

No sun today

The photo was taken earlier in the month when we were still experiencing warm weather. 
Right about the time I turned 99 upside down, we started to have some single digit mornings. Then today we awoke at 23 degrees and it was sleeting. We are too far south to get the snow but not far enough that we did not get ice. Prince finally got to leave for work about 8:45. He put the bird seed out for me this morning because the porch was frozen over.

Yesterday as I reading my Devotional Bible for Women, I came across a piece called "For Showing Me Purpose by Marjorie Holmes. I have never asked to be shown purpose. Why? Because in Horseshoe Bend at a little white church, Green Valley Baptist, on a warm night at a revival  on the moaner bench (a bench at the  front of the Church where people would sit and pray to be saved) I was lifted up by invisible hands and my tears wiped away as I became a child of God. (I know there are those who do not believe this way but in a small community in the late fifties this was how one became one with God) Since that night, I have known a calming peace in my soul. 

Within a week, as the sun warmed my face, I waded out into the very cool waters of the  Caney Fork river where Brother Gibbs stood. He put his handkerchief over my nose and mouth and leaned me backwards into the running water and I was Baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Many people are baptized as babies and then study God's word and are Confirmed into the Church but all the Churches in our county during that period of time you had to be saved before a baptism was held. 

As I was reading the above listed article the thoughts of a purpose did not exist. I started paraphrasing her statements as follows:
Life is like a Mirage that vanishes during the cruel business of everyday life. 
No matter our circumstances or our talents, WE are meant to be Whoever we are at this moment in time. 
Looking back, we see the stepping stones we have traveled, which represents our failures and successes, our tears and fears, our pain and our happiness. 
These stones of our Emotional self make us the Person who stands alone. Except we are never alone because God  stands beside us. He does not expect a perfect person but a strong person who has Faith in him. 

The Kitty Justice is if you look closely you can see the small kitten of a girl long ago.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Old canvases

This is how these two 16x20 canvases looked when I put them away. I am currently redoing both and added more texture and paint. I have declared 2016 the year of Dianne so you will be seeing more things I have painted plus I will be off in the real world and not on the computer as much. 
The Kitty Justice is something old will be new.