Tuesday, February 09, 2016

It is snowing again

These photos were taken during the last snow but the view looks the same. However, the ground is cold and we are not to reach 30 degrees today. Predicted 17 degrees tonight. Burr
I will not venture out and I may grab the camera later but I still feel pretty weak. All I can say is BEWARE of a terrible headache. That is how it begins. I paid little attention to it and muddle through the day. Friday mid day my head stopped up and it felt the size of Jupiter. Next day the chest congestion and coughing begins. By the time Super Bowl rolled around I was so sore I could hardly breath or move. But alas here it is Tuesday and I am on the up hill swing. Nasty stuff that Hun came in with the week before and he said he thought it was sinus however you cannot catch a sinus infection so it must have been some wicked virus that took over our lives. I keep praying that it has stopped with me on the Hill and neither Puppy or Mimi will have to suffer the effects. 
I hope y'all watched the Super Bowl as it was a delightful game. Peyton Manning is a class act and of course he was a Tennessee Vols football player. He won a Super Bowl for 2 different teams and was the oldest quarterback (39) to play in the Super Bowl. I enjoyed all the shows before the game which told about the players and all the good they do. I sure wish the media would report more on their positive role models than the bad boys of the sport. 
I told people before the game that Cam Newton was a great athletic he has a winning smile and I would hate to have him come rushing at me with with 250 of muscle but his youth made him too cocky. He should have been given several cats to take care of before the big game and he would acquire some humility. Thus his little press conference after the game would have shown a young man who had played his best and he would have congratulated the team without "running" off the stage. He missed his chance to begin his class act for the game. 
 I feel as if I need to go crawl back under the covers. 
Kitty Justice number one if you have a terrible headache BEWARE.
Second Kitty Justice is to send Cam all the homeless cats  to teach him humility because  he might be a big cat ( Panther) but a Panther is Proud and a true Cat does not act like a spoiled brat. 
Third but not least Kitty Justice seems to have turned into a Tuesday Blogger. 

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Three day snow

On Friday January 22nd we awoke to a whole day of snow. Sometimes you could see the white barn and at other times it was hidden by the vale of heavy snow showers. 
 I was waiting for the snow to stop but at 3:30 I knew if I was gonna get some photos I had best brave the snow flakes. At least the snow was not so heavy to land on your eye lashes making it hard to see. 
 A male and female cardinal. At one point we had 3 dozen cardinals at the feeders. 
 A Towhee dressed for a snow party. He looks like an aristocrat of the feather world high society. 
 All the bird photos were taken from inside the house and this was one of my favorites with the 2 male Cardinals with a Black Cap Chickadee for company. 
 Going down the driveway I turned to my left and captured the old hay rack covered in snow. 
Looking down the driveway from the top. The trees line the right side of the drive. 
 Our mailbox and McCrory Lane with just a few tracks. 
 The Massey looked rather cold but pretty in it's blanket of white. 
 Puppy's cabin with the dinner bell in front. 
 Mimi's lighted trees on the porch at night in the snow. 
 Tree tops glisten in the sunshine with their coat of snow. 
 I took several photos of the snow on the Box Wood bushes as a study in snow. 
This was Sunday 24th and by Monday the 25th the snow was gone. The last weekend in January we tried to have spring again. It was in the high sixties and Sunday 31st it was 72 degrees which only liked one degree in tying the record of 73 for that date. 
Today being ground hog day, it has again been very warm but terrible windy. Some western counties have had tornado warnings. A heavy rain is suppose to appear this evening from 6 till midnight. 
The Kitty Justice is that if you do not like Tennessee weather stick around and it will change in a few days. 
BTW The rest of the week we are suppose to have normal weather for February.