Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Three day snow

On Friday January 22nd we awoke to a whole day of snow. Sometimes you could see the white barn and at other times it was hidden by the vale of heavy snow showers. 
 I was waiting for the snow to stop but at 3:30 I knew if I was gonna get some photos I had best brave the snow flakes. At least the snow was not so heavy to land on your eye lashes making it hard to see. 
 A male and female cardinal. At one point we had 3 dozen cardinals at the feeders. 
 A Towhee dressed for a snow party. He looks like an aristocrat of the feather world high society. 
 All the bird photos were taken from inside the house and this was one of my favorites with the 2 male Cardinals with a Black Cap Chickadee for company. 
 Going down the driveway I turned to my left and captured the old hay rack covered in snow. 
Looking down the driveway from the top. The trees line the right side of the drive. 
 Our mailbox and McCrory Lane with just a few tracks. 
 The Massey looked rather cold but pretty in it's blanket of white. 
 Puppy's cabin with the dinner bell in front. 
 Mimi's lighted trees on the porch at night in the snow. 
 Tree tops glisten in the sunshine with their coat of snow. 
 I took several photos of the snow on the Box Wood bushes as a study in snow. 
This was Sunday 24th and by Monday the 25th the snow was gone. The last weekend in January we tried to have spring again. It was in the high sixties and Sunday 31st it was 72 degrees which only liked one degree in tying the record of 73 for that date. 
Today being ground hog day, it has again been very warm but terrible windy. Some western counties have had tornado warnings. A heavy rain is suppose to appear this evening from 6 till midnight. 
The Kitty Justice is that if you do not like Tennessee weather stick around and it will change in a few days. 
BTW The rest of the week we are suppose to have normal weather for February. 


Patty said...

Beautiful photos. It's raining here at the moment. But I would rather have rain then snow, unless it just last a day or so and then melts on it's own and requires no shoveling. Tomorrow Abe and I go here in town to the Doctor to get our INR, I think that's what they call it. To see how thick or thin our blood is and if we have to change our coumadin. We haven't for a long time now and we only have to have it checked once a month. Have a good evening. Thanks for your visits.

DUTA said...

Snow days can be fun for photography lovers as snow seems to be quite photogenic. It renders beautiful pictures with everything covered in white: the ground, the trees, the barn, the hay rack,etc..

The cardinals are adorable. The photo with the pair of male and female cardinal is priceless.

Lee said...

I'm sweltering here in horrible muggy, steamy humidity! I hate it!!! The temps have been predicted to drop from today forth for a few days, but if the humidity remains at a high level, little difference is felt.

The birds would be very grateful for your feeders during the heavy snowfalls, no doubt. Food would be difficult for them to find under and amongst such a dense snow cover!

Take care, Miss Kitty! :)

Changes in the wind said...

Nice to have for a short time and like you said...it will change.

Lady Di Tn said...

Hope all goes well with the doctors visit. As it is said Some walk in the rain and others just get wet. I love the outdoors and the changes no matter what. Peace

Thanks and yes nothing is better than snow to photograph. Peace

Sounds like you are having air you can wear. At least when it is cool you can add a layer but you cannot take off enough to stay cool in humidity. Peace

and yes it has we set a record high a few days after the snow. 75 degrees. At present we are experiences normal February weather but come Monday we will get another chance of the white stuff. Hoping for snow not ice. Peace

Adullamite said...

Snow is such horrible stuff yet it gives good photos.
You have some tremendous pictures there, I'm jealous!

Lady Di Tn said...

Mr A man
Horrible stuff. NOT! I find it is enchanting especially if I do not have to drive in the snow. Thanks and Peace

http://www.paintordig.blogspot.com said...

I love your beautiful snow photos-all we seem to have is rain around here! I am trying to visit old friends and get back into blogging.

Small City Scenes said...

And by now I suppose there is no snow at all.
Broncos won---YAY!!

We have nice sunny weather today. Maybe 60degrees for a brief minute but nice nice nice.

Lady Di Tn said...

It started snowing yesterday 2-9 and today we have 3 inches of snow. It never got above freezing yesterday and I just have not had the heart to look at the temperature today. Peace

Nope we have 3 inches on the ground from the all day and night snow of 2-9-16. Our weekend was not bad but I was too sick to play outside. Yes I think it is wonderful that the Broncos won. The kicker #4 Colquit and #18 Manning are Tennessee Vols. Peace